Inexpensive Option to Move to Fountain Valley and Why

cheap-movers-Fountain-ValleyIt seems like when many people think about hiring a Fountain Valley mover, they think mainly of hiring a company to just take their items from point A to point B. And that’s fine, if all you really need is a truck and some muscle.

But what if you want a little more than that? What if you’d like for your moving company to help with the packing process, as well?

Maybe you haven’t even asked about these services, assuming they’d be too pricey. But, in fact, they could be cheaper than you’d think. Sure, packing services from movers cost extra money. But, in the end, these services could actually save you. Here’s how:

Opportunity Cost

In economics, there’s this concept called opportunity cost. Every time you choose to do one thing, you give up an opportunity to do something else. Opportunity costs are just part of life. But they’re a part of life you’ve got some control over. The key to managing these costs is to choose the option that will give you the most payoff – whether that’s emotional or physical or social or financial.

So say you’re getting ready to move. You’ve already got a ton on your plate, what with all the paperwork and arrangements to be made. Maybe you’re trying to work with your kids to get them used to the idea. Or you’re saying goodbye to old neighbors.

Either way, you’ve got a lot to do during this busy time! And taking the time to pack your own belongings takes time away from being able to do these other things, which are equally important. The opportunity costs might be emotional or relational – or just in the cost of added stress as you try to squeeze in packing and everything else you need to get done.

And then there could be actual financial costs if you wind up taking time off work to do your packing. If you’re like some people, you’ll leave too much packing until the last minute, and you might have to use some vacation or personal time to get the job done.

When you hire Fountain Valley moving companies to do your packing for you, you wont have to worry about any of these costs. You’ll just tell them what to pack, and let them get the job done. Plus, the disturbance around your home will be much less, as professional packers will be able to get the job done in hours or just a couple of days.

Packing Materials Can Be Expensive

When you’re getting quotes from movers about the packing process, be sure to ask how much of that quote includes the actual packing materials. You might be surprised. Boxes, packing tape, packing paper, and custom crating materials aren’t cheap.

Moving companies should give you a quote that includes the cost of these materials, so that can make it easier to pay as a package. Otherwise, you might find yourself spending a little here and a little there on the materials you need just to pack your home items. And those costs can easily add up. Not to mention the costs of those late-night runs to grab more boxes because you thought you’d had enough but came up way short!

Of course, you can buy these things on your own and save on labor costs. But chances are that moving companies get these materials more cheaply than you can. And they also know which materials to use for which jobs, so they can be more conservative.

Good Packing Equals Less Damage

Finally, remember the final potential costs of packing. If you haphazardly pack fragile items at the last minute – or just don’t know the best way to pack them – you could end up with the cost of replacing those items after your move.

Professional Fountain Valley movers are well-versed in the ways to pack everything from clothes to breakables to antique furnishings. And if you work with a company with a good reputation, you can rest assured that they’ll get the job done right. That means that you won’t have the added cost of replacing your glassware or favorite picture frame when you get to your new home.

Plus, sometimes insurance coverage is better for the items that the professional movers have packed. When they pack the items, they know that they’re doing it right. So they offer more comprehensive insurance coverage on those items. That way if something happens and those items do break, you’ve got less skin in the game.

These are just a few reasons you might want to consider hiring the professionals to do your packing for you. Sure, it’s an added expense in your moving package. But in the long run, you may save more money by hiring out the packing than you’d think!