How to Pack a Bathroom: 7 Easy Steps

dove canyon moving company bathroomPacking is definitely the worst part of the moving process for most people. It takes loads of time, unless you hire the best Dove Canyon moving company to handle the job for you. Luckily, packing doesn’t have to take forever, so long as you take our advice and pack your bathroom in these seven simple steps.

1.Sort through things first

The bathroom tends to be one area of the home where you collect the most random stuff. Whether it’s half-used lotion that made you break out after a few applications, or shampoo you just don’t like anymore. Now is the time to sort through everything in your bathroom, and to decide whether or not you will, in fact, use these items in the future.

2.Get rid of what you won’t use

It’s tempting to just throw everything that happens to be in your bathroom into a box and be done with it. But this will just land you with a new bathroom that’s every bit as cluttered as yours is right now. Instead of this route, take time to toss out the things you no longer want. Yes, it can be hard, but it’s also a great way to slim down on what you actually need to pack in order to move to your new home.

3.Pack essentials in an overnight bag

For the most part, Dove Canyon movers will suggest that you pack a few items separately from what goes in the moving van. This includes important paperwork and items of personal value. Also, you should consider packing an overnight bag with clothes for one day, as well as your personal care items. This just makes the first night in your new home easier, since you won’t have to sort through all of your packed boxes to get to the items you need right away.

4.Use small boxes

Yes, you can certainly pack your bathroom items in large boxes. But smaller boxes make it easier to organize everything, and to ensure that everything you pack is packed properly. You could even pack some items – like your first aid gear – in a clear plastic tote. Those items can stay organized in this tote even when you move into your new home.

5.Use plastic bags

Chances are that something will leak during the moving process, regardless of how tightly you’ve screwed the lids onto all of your items. The best way to avoid a huge mess is to simply pack your liquids, gels, sprays, and powders inside of sealable plastic bags.

6.Pack with towels

It’s easy to waste newspaper and bubble wrap when packing fragile or sharp bathroom items. Instead, let your towels and washcloths do double duty. You’re already going to pack them, so you may as well get extra use out of them by using them to pad the more fragile items you also have to pack.

When it comes to packing pressed powder items – like eye shadow and face powder – you’ll want to add extra padding to the compact, too, just to ensure that the actual pressed powder doesn’t break. Stick a flat cotton round inside the compact before closing it, and the pressed powder will be less likely to break.

7.Label boxes

It goes without saying that labeling boxes will make your life – and the lives of your Dove Canyon movers – much easier. The movers should be able to tell, immediately, where to take each box that comes off of the moving van. If you have multiple bathrooms in your new home, be sure to label each box with the specific bathroom to which it goes. Also, write on each box a quick note about its contents. This way, you don’t have to waste time digging through boxes to find the one thing you need.

If you want to avoid the packing process altogether, your moving company can help you craft a customized, full-service moving package that will suit your needs exactly. But if you decide to pack for yourself, you can follow these seven steps to ensure that your bathrooms, at least, are packed quickly and properly.