Get Ready for a Great Moving Day: 10 Tips

ladera ranch moving company tips 01Ladera Ranch Moving Company Tips

As you prepare for your moving day, it’s okay to leave all the heavy lifting up to the movers. That is, after all, why you’ve hired the best Ladera Ranch moving company. But just because they’re tackling the physical parts of the job doesn’t mean you’re home free. You’ll still have a few things to do just before or on moving day. Taking these 10 tips to heart can make your move a much smoother, simpler process.

  1. Check out the contract one last time. Hopefully, you’ve already looked over the contract for your move at least once. But take time on moving day to double and triple check. Ensure that your moving company is planning to provide all the services you need, and understand what’s going into the final price. This will help prevent surprised for either you or your movers.
  • Talk to your neighbors. It’s just courteous to let your neighbors know that you’ll be moving, and that moving day will be full of hustle and bustle in your neighborhood. But this step is essential if you used shared street parking with your neighbors. In this case, ask them kindly to leave you an extra parking space or two in front of your home, to make moving easier.
  • Plan for food. Even if you’re not doing the heavy lifting on moving day, you’ll probably get hungry and thirsty during the move. Set aside a cooler of bottled water, and consider making some sandwiches or other easy-go meals ahead of time so you can eat on the go during moving day.
  • Give the movers directions. Chances are that the best Ladera Ranch movers are familiar with the area and have GPS access. But you may still need to give them special instructions for where to park at your new home. Plus, it’s always helpful to give them some details as to what the home looks like, just to be sure they don’t drive past it.
  • Take an inventory. The best moving companies will already have a process in place for making and keeping track of an inventory. But it’s helpful to do your own, as well. Make a list of items as they’re going into the moving truck. Then, as the movers unpack the truck, you can check your things for any damage during the move. Check of undamaged items, and make notes of any items that are not in their original condition.
  • Slap a label on everything. As you or your movers are packing up your home, take time to label everything. You’re already paying for the movers’ muscle, so why not take full advantage? The movers can take boxes and furnishings to the rooms where they’ll ultimately go, rather than leaving them on the ground floor where you’ll just have to move them again.
  • Make arrangements for the pets and kids. Pets and kids can easily get underfoot during the moving process. So before moving day, arrange for sitters for your pets and children. It’s best to get them out of the house altogether, but at minimum, hire someone to keep them entertained and out of the way during the moving process.
  • Get your cleaning stuff together. Depending on your situation, you may need to clean your home after the movers finish. You can always decide to hire a professional team for this, but if you don’t want to, then set aside your cleaning supplies. You can follow the movers through the house to clean up as they go.
  • Set aside personal items. To make the night of moving day easier, pack every family member a suitcase with pajamas and personal care items. Then, also be sure to set aside important items, such as paperwork and jewelry. Even the best Ladera Ranch movers tend to prefer that you move these things on your own, for security reasons.

Leave behind certain items. One thing you’ll need to do is to pay attention to items that you need to leave behind – for instance extra keys and garage door openers. Leave these items behind in an obvious place, like on the kitchen counter.