Follow These 10 Steps for a Good Moving Day

los alimitos moving company tips 01Los Alimitos Moving Company Tips

Are you getting ready for a big move? The best first step is to hire the best Los Alamitos moving company. But after that, you’re not completely done yet. You’ll have to do some work before and on moving day to ensure that your move is a success. If you want the day to go as smoothly as possible, take these 10 steps on moving day:

  1. Look over the contract one last time. You should already be familiar with the contract – AKA Bill of Lading – before your move. But double check the day or two before to ensure that you’ve gotten all the services you want. And check to see who you’re supposed to pay and when, just so you’re prepared for moving day.
  • Alert your neighbors. Even if you don’t know your neighbors that well, it’s a good idea to let them know that your move is coming up. It’s just courteous to let them know to expect a lot of extra commotion on moving day. You’ll definitely need to talk with your neighbors if you need additional shared parking spaces for moving day.
  • Have a meal plan. Even if you’re not the type to typically have a meal plan, having one on moving day is a good idea. You’ll want to fix a few items ahead of time, like sandwiches, so you don’t have to stop and eat midway through the move. Or you can just keep some snacks around for easy on-the-go eating for moving day. And don’t forget to provide bottled water for those who are helping you move!
  • Give the movers instructions. You probably don’t need to oversee the movers completely. But you may need to give them instructions if you have specific needs. Also, check to be sure they have GPS to get to your new home, and give them any additional information they might need – like where to park at your new location.
  • Label everything. Whether you’re packing or the movers are packing, you’ll want to ensure that all of your boxes get labeled during the moving process. Label each box with both its contents and the room that it will go into in the new home. You can also use masking tape to label furniture with which room each piece will wind up in. That way, the movers can take everything to where it will ultimately go, saving you time and effort during the unpacking process.
  • Make a list. As items are packed into the moving van, make a quick list of what goes in. Your movers will ensure that everything comes out of the van, but you can use this list for another reason. As everything comes off the moving van, check for damage. Mark off undamaged items, and then take notes about any items that may have been damaged during the move. This makes processing this information with the movers much easier.
  • Make a plan for pets and kids. Kids and pets can easily get underfoot on moving day. Your best option is to arrange for a kennel for the pets and for a babysitter for the kids. At the very least, you’ll want to crate your pets during the move, and have a local teenager come over to entertain your kids while the movers are doing their work.
  • Pack personal items separately. Before moving day, check with your movers about the types of items they won’t move. Many prefer not to move expensive jewelry, personal paperwork, medications, or other similar items. You should plan to pack these items separately in your own personal vehicle. You’ll also want to pack each family member a suitcase with pajamas and personal care items. This makes settling into your new home on moving night so much easier.
  • Leave behind keys, manuals, and other items. Before you move, gather up any items that should stay with your home – extra keys, garage door openers, manuals for appliances that are staying with the home, etc. Then, put these items in an obvious place, like on the kitchen counter, so they’ll be ready for the next owner.

Double check that everything is out. Before the moving van pulls away, be sure to check that everything came out of your home. Check the attic, garage, and outbuildings. And be sure to open each closet door and look in the cabinets to ensure that the movers got everything out of your home.