7 Things to Read On Your Monarch Beach Moving Contract

monarch-beach-moversNo one likes to read contracts. But when it comes to moving, it’s essential that you actually read and understand what’s on your contract with the Monarch Beach moving company you’re hiring to do your move. This is true for two reasons:

For one thing, the moving contract is your protection in case something goes wrong during your move. So you should be sure that it is doing its job by adequately protecting you from liability and other potential problems.


For another, though, the moving contract is where the moving company details all of the services they’re planning to provide you during your move. There’s no better time than during contract signing to ensure that you and the Monarch Beach movers are on the same page moving forward. And the contract is a great place to catch potential issues before they snowball into real problems.

So when you’re looking at a moving contract, often called a bill of lading, here are seven things you’ll definitely want to read:

1. Names and Addresses

Near the top of your moving contract, you should see the moving company’s information and your own. Be sure that the moving company’s information matches up with what you know about them from their website and advertising materials. Mismatches here should be a red flag that you may be on the verge of a moving scam.

Also, you’ll want to look for your own name, number, and address in this section. Actually, you’ll have two addresses on the contract – one that you’re currently living in and one that you’re moving to. Be sure these addresses are exactly correct. Even minor typos here could be really confusing for the movers on moving day.

2. Timing

The contract with your Monarch Beach movers also needs to include details about when the moving process will take place. When will the packers arrive? How long will packing take? When will the movers arrive? And when will they drop off your things at your new home?

3. Services Included

This part of the moving contract is where it’s easiest to spot potential mismatches. This section should detail everything that the moving company is going to provide to you on moving day and before. Whether you’re paying just for pickup and drop off, or you’re paying for a full-service move, you’ll find those details here.

Look through this list of services carefully. If you’re paying for very specific things, like custom crating for a few special items, those sections should be meticulously detailed. Be sure you’re signing up for all the services you want, without paying for extras that you may not need.

4. Rates

The typical moving company bases its pricing on a set of rates, which are typically calculated by weight and distance moved. This isn’t always the case, but it’s usually true. And then there may be additional rates for other things, like packing, fuel surcharges, etc. You want to know exactly what the moving company is going to charge you for anything that might possibly come up during your moving process.

5. Pricing

This part of a Monarch Beach moving contract will tell you how the rates are being applied to your particular situation. In other words: how much is it going to actually cost you to move?

This section should include details about whether or not the pricing is guaranteed. You should get a guarantee for at least the bulk of the pricing, unless you decide to change something last-minute. Some companies include a possible contingency fee, in case your household goods are heavier than anticipated. This could possibly raise the actual rates that you pay, but only by a certain percentage. So at least it limits your overall potential costs.

6. Additional Considerations

So what if you do make last minute changes on moving day? Or what if something unexpected comes up, like the moving company having to park far away from your home? You can expect to find details about possibilities like these in the additional considerations section of the contract. This section will detail limits on the moving company’s services, and possible fees for unexpected situations.

7. Liability

The moving contract should tell you about liability issues. What happens if a mover is hurt during the moving process while on your property through no fault of your own? What happens if something comes up missing or broken after you’re in your new home? These are all things that should be laid out in the moving contract.

The end of the contract may also include language about how potential disputes will be settled. Some Monarch Beach moving companies settle the very rare dispute in court. Others prefer to use a third party dispute resolution service, which can be cheaper and quicker for both parties. Either way, it’s helpful to know what might happen in a worse case scenario. After all, that’s what contracts are really for!