5 Tips for Avoiding Injury when Moving


5 Tips for Avoiding Injury when Moving to Buena Park

Moving is, unfortunately, a time when many people experience injury. It’s a busy time when you’re picking up heavy objects, dealing with breakables, and doing other things that can easily result in injury. So when you’re thinking about moving preparations, be sure to consider steps you can take to actively ward off injury during the process. Here are five tips from professional Buena Park movers on how to avoid injury when you’re moving.

1.Take your time.

Hurrying during the moving process will just leave you even more open to injury. Hurry can lead to more sprains and strains, and can even cause you to break fragile items, which can lead to scrapes and cuts. It’s hard to keep from hurrying during the moving process, since there’s so much to do and usually so little time to get it done. But by beginning the packing process well in advance of moving day, you can often work at a slower, steadier pace, which can help prevent injury.


Also, you should give yourself time on moving day to move everything with a few breaks in between, to rest your back and prevent injury.

2.Lift properly.

One of the most common issues during the moving process is back injury, due to strains. If you’re not lifting properly, you’re likely to put too much strain on your lower back, which is a weak spot in your body. By using proper body mechanics, you can avoid some of this strain and make back injury less likely.

Never been taught to lift with proper body mechanics? Talk to a physical therapist or a chiropractor, who can show you how to lift with your legs rather than your back. It may sounds strange, but learning to pick up heavy objects properly can really ward off injury, especially the type of back strain that leads to long-term low-grade pain.

3.Use some work gloves.

When you’re packing and moving, keep a pair of work gloves handy. You won’t need them for everything, but they can be helpful when cleaning up a mess, especially if you break glass or ceramic. Any time you’re dealing with sharp edges, work gloves protect your hands from cuts and scrapes.

You can also use work gloves when moving furniture. Often times, furniture pieces can have staples or finish nails unexpectedly sticking out. It’s also easy to scrape yourself on the edges of wooden furniture if you aren’t careful. So wearing work gloves when moving furniture can protect you from cuts, scrapes, and bruises. It’s just one easy step to take to help smooth your moving process.

4.Keep pathways clear.

Obviously on moving day, it’s important to be able to get furniture and other things out of your house, so you’ll need a wide enough walkway for this. But if you start packing early on, be sure to take time to stack packed boxes well out of the way of walking spaces. Don’t put boxes in narrow hallways or in the middle of the room, where people will easily trip over them.

When you’re in the middle of packing, be sure to take some time every evening to tidy up and move things out of major walkways – like to the kitchen and bathroom. This will help avoid trip-and-fall type injuries from middle-of-the-night movement when you’re half asleep.

5.Hire professionals.

If you’re really pressed for time or have loads of super heavy furniture to move, hiring the best Buena Park moving company may be your best bet for avoiding moving-related injuries. Even just hiring mover for the moving day heavy lifting can prevent strains and other fatigue-related injuries. The best moving companies will allow you to create a customized moving package of services that you most need and can best afford.

It’s important to note that even with these steps, minor injuries can easily occur during the moving process. So keep a first aid kit nearby in order to treat scrapes and strains. You’ll appreciate easy access to bandages if you do need it during the moving process!