5 Items Newport Coast Moving Companies Don’t Handle

newport coast moving companiesWhen you’re preparing for moving day, it’s all about the details. What time will the movers arrive, and what does the packing process look like? One detail you don’t want to forget to go over, though, is exactly what kinds of items your Newport Coast movers will take – and what kinds they won’t touch.

You may be surprised to hear that moving companies won’t move absolutely any type of item. But it’s true. In fact, much of what movers can and cannot haul is dictated by the government. Safety organizations through the DOT authorize carriers to carry a variety of things, based on various criteria. So moving companies have to stick to these common sense guidelines.

So before moving day, make sure you ask your movers if they’re capable of packing and hauling these five types of items:

1.Extra heavy items

Most Newport Coast moving companies can take basic large items – like your big dining room table or couch. But not all moving companies are capable of hauling extra heavy or large items like a grand piano. If you have items like this that need extra care and planning, be sure to talk with your moving company about it up front. Of course, you have hopefully already had an on-site quote, so they’ll have seen the piano. But just in case, be clear about expectations and abilities here.

2. Hazards

Post Offices, moving companies, and other shipping companies are all restricted by rules about hazardous products – things that can catch on fire, explode, or corrode. These types of rules apply to your Newport Coast movers, too.

So you definitely can’t expect the moving company to deal with your box of fireworks. And you’ll even need to take the time to empty the gas out of your weed eater before the movers can put it on the truck.

3. Live animals

Obviously you’re not going to try to put your dog or cat in the back of a moving van. But you also need to remember that the movers can’t handle your lizard, hamster, or other caged or tanked animal. You can probably arrange with the movers to take care of the actual cage or tank, though, which can be hugely helpful.

Ask your movers about custom crating for items like this. You can move your small pets into smaller containers just for the move, and the movers can take care of custom packaging for your large crate or tank. This will keep that expensive animal equipment from being damaged in the move.

4. Perishable food

You probably don’t even like the idea of moving a fridge full of fresh food to your new home. So your movers definitely aren’t going to deal with it. Besides, moving fresh food requires specialized equipment, which most Newport Coast movers aren’t going to have. So you’ll need to plan to move these items on your own. Eat up most of what’s in your fridge before your move, and you’ll have less to worry about here.

5. Personal items

Of course, moving companies will pack and move most of your personal items. In fact, a full-service moving company is going to deal with some of the most personal stuff you’ve got. But that doesn’t mean that you should leave your most personal items to the movers. It’s just a smart idea to keep very valuable items – cash, your passport, important paperwork, etc. – on hand. And keeping keepsakes and sentimental items nearby can give you extra peace of mind.

Also, it’s a great idea to pack a suitcase or a box of essential items to have during the move. If you get done moving late and decide not to unpack extra boxes, you’ll still be able to find your pajamas, toothbrush, and other essential items. This is just another easy step that makes your move easier and calmer.

These rules of what Newport Coast movers won’t handle don’t apply to every moving company. Many are equipped to handle large items, for instance. Some have stricter standards for what counts as hazardous than others, and still others have policies about how much they can handle in terms of value.

You’ll need to ask your particular moving company what their rules are for things like these. Just keep in mind that all moving companies have certain items on their list of things that they just won’t or cannot handle. So if you’ve got any questionable items on your list of things that you need to have moved, ask your moving company about these types of items.