Why Use Portable Self Storage for Your Next Foothill Ranch Move?

foothill-ranch-movers-portable-storageWhen you’re planning the moving process, one thing you may want to consider is using a portable self storage unit. This isn’t always necessary, but in some situations, it can be truly helpful.

For instance, if you need to move out of one home, but haven’t closed on another, you may need to store your things temporarily in between. You don’t necessarily want to take everything with you to a short-term apartment rental or long-term hotel room!

Another situation in which a portable self storage unit can be helpful is if you’re downsizing. When you’re moving into a much-smaller home, you may not have room for even all the boxes while you decide what to keep and what to get rid of. A portable storage unit gives you extra space for a while, so that you can sort through your things over time without being in a huge rush.


But why portable self storage, over a more traditional storage unit? Here are a few good reasons:


The main reason that people choose portable self storage from Foothill Ranch movers, over more traditional storage options, is that portable units are extra convenient. With a traditional storage unit, you have to choose a place that’s either close to your old home, close to your new home, or somewhere right in between.

Each time you need something from the unit, you have to drive there, and you have to essentially move twice – once to move into the unit and once to move from the storage unit to your home.

A portable storage unit eliminates some of these issues. Instead of having to find a storage facility that happens to be close to your home, your Foothill Ranch movers just bring the storage to you. The unit can sit practically at your doorstep while you’re packing it and, later, unpacking it, which is incredibly convenient.


Traditional storage units can be fairly secure with strong padlocks and security systems. But they’ve got nothing on most portable self storage units. These sturdy metal boxes are stored in warehouses, which have their own elaborate security systems, when you’re not using them. You really can’t beat the security of having all your things in a huge warehouse that’s manned with cameras and security guards around the clock.

When shopping around for moving companies who offer portable storage, be sure to ask about this issue. How secure is the warehouse where your things will be?

All this security does mean it can take a little more time to get access to your storage unit. Often times, you’ll have to call ahead a day or two to ensure that your unit is available. But if you don’t need to access the things you’ve got in storage very often, this is a great option to securely store your household goods.


You may be surprised to learn that portable storage units can actually be pretty affordable, especially if you get them as part of a package with your Foothill Ranch movers. Since you don’t have to pay to rent the moving truck twice, you may even save money with a portable unit, over a more traditional storage unit in a fixed location.

Ease of Use

When it comes to having a portable storage unit, the movers do most of the work. It’s basically a big metal box that they park in your yard or driveway for as long as you need it. You can pack up the unit with your non-essential items, or the movers can do it for you, depending on your arrangement with them. They’ll take it and move it to the storage warehouse when you’re ready, and, from there, you can have them bring it to your new house when you’re ready for it.

Again, when you’re unpacking, the portable unit can sit in your driveway for a few days or even weeks, giving you time to unpack slowly and sort through your belongings. You can even pay the movers to unpack the heavy items, if you so choose.

Either way, using a portable self storage unit through your Foothill Ranch movers is really simple.

A portable storage unit may not be for everyone, or for every moving situation. If you’re moving straight from point A to point B, the added cost of a storage unit probably doesn’t make much sense. But if you’re in an unusual moving situation, you may need to consider a storage unit like these. Just ask your Foothill Ranch movers if they offer portable storage units, and see about getting those costs quoted along with your moving costs. You may be surprised at how convenient and affordable portable self storage units can be.