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Why Not DIY Your Move? Four Reasons

coto de caza moving companyMany people these days like to DIY different projects. And maybe you’re quite the proficient DIYer. Still, that’s not a great reason to move all on your own. Even with the help of great volunteers, moving is still a big project.

In fact, moving is such a big project that you, even the consummate DIYer, may want to consider bringing in professional help. Here are four reasons why:


Chances are that your homeowners insurance won’t cover any damages done to your property when you’re moving it on your own. And unless you have good liability or umbrella insurance, you won’t have coverage for potential medical expenses if someone is hurt on your property during the move. (And moving is a prime time for people to get hurt!)

When you hire the best Coto de Caza moving company, on the other hand, you’ll get some guarantees. In the first place, it’s less likely that your favorite dish will break or that one of the movers will get hurt picking up your couch. But if such a thing does happen, the company will carry insurance and worker’s compensation insurance to cover the damages.

You may not want to think about the worst that could happen during your DIY move, but it’s important to think about all the angles. Without insurance, an accident could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That’s just one excellent reason to hire professionals for your move.

2. Expertise

Why are the best Coto de Caza moving companies less likely to break your stuff in the first place? Because they have expertise and experience. Moving companies who hire great employees know how to properly pack and move everything from fragile dishes to hefty furniture.

You may think that the moving process can’t be that hard. You just put your stuff in boxes, put it on a moving truck, and go, right? That’s not really the case!

In fact, moving can be quite a difficult process, and it takes experience to know how to do it right. Professional packers and movers know how to properly pack all of your household goods so that nothing is damaged. They also know how to pack up the moving truck in the most efficient way possible.

3. Time

Many times, people don’t realize just how much time the moving process can take. You might think you can start packin a week before your move, and you’ll be good to go. In fact, this isn’t usually the case. If you’re like most people, you have more stuff than you would guess. So you’ll probably spend long evenings packing box after box after box.

And then let’s talk about moving day. Sure, you might think you can fit everything into one rented moving van, so it couldn’t take that long to move, right? Wrong! Unless you get the right size van up front and know how to pack it efficiently, you may need to make multiple trips – wasting tons of time.

So when it comes to hiring the best Coto de Caza moving company, the thing you get back in spades is time. When you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty details of your move, you can focus on other things – like work or spending time with family or signing your new lease.

4. Cost

Our guess is that the main reason people choose not to hire a moving company for their moves is because of cost. They assume that they can save a lot of money by doing the move on their own, so they just go for it.

Unfortunately, even a DIY move still has some expenses. You’ll have to rent the moving van, pay for boxes and other packing supplies, and maybe feed your volunteer moving crew some pizza. These costs can add up quickly and unexpectedly, so it’s hard to know up front just how much the move is going to cost you.

With a professional moving company, on the other hand, you’ll know up front what your move will cost (possibly with a contingency fee). This helps you budget better. Plus, when you add together all the expenses associated with a do-it-yourself move, you may be surprised to find that you don’t actually save all that much money.

So when it comes to moving, it’s worth your time to at least check out the best Coto de Caza moving companies. You can gather quotes without a lot of time investment on your part, and you can see if you think that hiring a moving company will be worth your while.