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Want to Stay Healthy During Your Move? Follow These Five Tips

dove canyon moving companies 01Want to Stay Healthy During Your Move to Dove Canyon? Follow These Five Tips

Moving is a prime time to become ill or injured, unfortunately. The process is stressful and time consuming, leading to sleepless nights which can lead to low-grade illnesses like colds. Plus, moving heavy objects – especially if it’s not something you do every day – can easily lead to back injuries and other physical problems. So if you’d like to stay healthy during your move, take these five tips.


1.Leave plenty of time

When getting ready for a move, it’s essential to have a realistic idea of how long the process is likely to take.

Even if you’re hiring professionals on moving day, you’ll still need to sort, pack, and take care of a million little details. So be sure that you’ve got time to deal with move – even if it means cutting back on other commitments in the few weeks before your move.

If you’re doing all the packing on your own, most professionals recommend that you start packing at least a month before the move. To keep from getting too stressed, we recommend that you start packing at least six weeks before your move, if not two months before. This spreads out what you have to do, so that you don’t feel as overwhelmed – which means you’re less likely to become ill during the moving process.

2. Learn to use good body mechanics

If you’ve never moved heavy objects before, you could leave yourself open to serious injury when moving. This is especially true of your back, which is the most vulnerable part of your body when it comes to picking up heavy things. Back injuries during a move can linger for months, so you definitely want to protect yourself here as much as possible.

The goal is to move heavy objects primarily using your legs, rather than your back. Your legs can handle much more strain, and are generally stronger than your lower back. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out some YouTube videos to see if they can show you how to practice good body mechanics. Than, go slowly enough to keep this in mind during the actual move.

3. Keep boxes light

Many professional Dove Canyon moving companies actually have a weight limit on individual boxes. Smaller boxes, especially, are impossible to team lift but all too easy to make too heavy to lift safely on your own. It’s best to try to keep individual boxes at or below twenty pounds, though this isn’t always possible. As a general rule, the heavier the individual items you’re packing, the smaller the box you should use.

If you’re not sure how to keep boxes lightweight, keep a scale nearby while packing. Once you’ve weighed a few boxes during the packing process, you’ll have a better idea of how to keep them in a good weight range. And even when moving lots of lightweight boxes – rather than one heavy box at a time – keep good body mechanics in mind. Injury is just as likely with repetitive light weight moving as with one heavy lift.

4. Break down furniture

Taking furniture apart can be a hassle, but sometimes it’s necessary. If you’ve got to deal with heavy furniture that’s hart to move in one piece, take the time to break it down into its component parts. It’s worth taking the extra time to do this, while protecting yourself from injury.

Even furnishings that are relatively lightweight may need to be taken apart to move them easily. Awkwardly shaped or large pieces can cause injury with all the maneuvering that it takes to get them out of doors. So it may be easier to just take these pieces apart, too.

5. Ask for help

Even if you can’t afford a full-service move from professional Dove Canyon movers, you may be able to afford to pay movers for the actual moving day heavy lifting. This can dramatically reduce your chances of becoming injured during the moving process!

But if even this is out of your budget, be sure to round up some volunteers on moving day. Just keep in mind that if your volunteers become injured while helping you move, you may be on the hook for their medical expenses. Hiring a moving company that covers its workers with workmen’s compensation can actually be a cost savings in this case!

Regardless of whether or not you hire professionals for moving day, you’ll want to be sure to take all these steps to protect your health and wellbeing when planning and executing your next move.