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Ready for a Great Moving Day? Follow These 10 Tips

laguna woods moving company tips 01Laguna Woods Moving Company Tips

As you’re getting ready for a big move, the best place to begin is by hiring the best Laguna Woods moving company. But once you’ve signed the contract with the movers, you’ll still have some work to do. Sure, you’ve offloaded most of the heavy lifting. But for a great moving day, you’ll need to follow these ten tips just before and on moving day.

  1. Triple check your contract. Before you sign the Bill of Lading, you hopefully checked through all its provisions. But you’ll need to double check it just before moving day. Make sure you don’t want to add any services, and double check that you understand how the moving process is going to go.
  • Chat with the neighbors. Before you move, make sure your neighbors know what’s going on. This is just common courtesy, even if you don’t know them well. It’s especially important to take this step if you’ll need extra spaces in a shared parking lot or street. If you let the neighbors know ahead of time, they may give you extra parking spaces for the day.
  • Plan for eating. It’s important to plan how you’ll take care of meals on moving day. Your family will need to eat, of course, and you may also want to provide bottled water for the movers and any volunteers who are helping you. It’s much cheaper if you plan for homemade food – sandwiches and the like – that you can easily pull out and eat on the go during the day.
  • See what the movers need. You won’t likely need to give the movers actual directions to your new home. But you may need to give them landmarks to find your new home by, so they don’t miss it. And if you have special parking instructions, be sure to give them that, too. They can probably get to your new home just using GPS, but be sure to ask if they need any directions, as well.
  • Consider taking an inventory. Chances are that the best Laguna Woods movers will take their own inventory when they’re packing up your things. But it always helps to double check. Plus, you can use a quick inventory sheet to double check that everything is in good condition as it comes off the moving van.
  • Label during packing. Whether you’re packing everything or the movers are packing for you, be sure that all the boxes get labeled. Write on them what’s in the box, which makes it easier to find things as you unpack. But also write on the boxes which room each box will go into. This means that the movers can take the extra step and get all those boxes where they need to go, saving you time and effort in unpacking.
  • Think about your pets and kids. Pets and kids can have a hard time on moving day. It’s easy for them to feel confused and a bit emotional, and they can easily get underfoot with all the activity going on. So make arrangements ahead of time for your pets and any kids under the age of about 10. Getting them off site with a sitter is the best option.
  • Pack suitcases for each family member. As you’re packing, set aside pajamas, personal care items, and other essentials for each family member. This makes it much easier to get settled into your new home on moving day. Also, check with your moving company, but many prefer that you take medications, essential paperwork, or expensive jewelry in your personal vehicle, rather than the moving van.
  • List out items to leave behind. While you definitely want to make sure that you get everything that goes with you from your home, you’ll also want to leave some things behind. Be sure to leave any additional keys, garage door openers, appliance manuals, and other essential items in an obvious place in your home for the next tenants or owners.

Double check. Before you leave for the last time, sweep through the house to double check that you got everything. Open every closet, check the attic, and check the garage and any outbuildings.