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Preventing Injury During a Move – Five Tips

newport coast moving companies 01Preventing Injury During a Move – Five Tips by a Newport Coast Moving Company

When you’re preparing for a big move, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and rush. But this leads not only to broken dishes but also to hurt backs. Strains and sprains are common issues for DIY movers. Luckily, you can take some simple steps to prevent injury and other issues when you’re moving. These five are a good start:


1.Go slowly

One of the main causes of injuries during the moving process is rushing. If you’re packing, moving, and shifting things around too quickly, you are more likely to trip or otherwise injure yourself. You may also make mistakes like packing a box improperly so that its contents fall out on your foot during the move.

To avoid rushing-related injuries, take your time. Give yourself plenty of time to pack. In fact, you should start DIY packing at least six weeks before your moving date. And be sure that you give yourself plenty of time on the weekends to get packing done.

2. Use good body mechanics

The number one reason that people get injured during a move, most likely, is that they get lower back injuries when they use bad body mechanics. Your lower back is the most vulnerable part of your body, and it’s very easy to strain or sprain the muscles there when you overuse them. So it’s important to be sure that you lift with your legs, rather than with your lower back muscles.

Even if you’re in great shape, you’ll still need to pay attention to body mechanics when it comes to picking up heavy furniture and boxes. So take the time to understand what this looks like, and how to be sure you’re lifting properly.

3. Pack individual boxes lightly

When packing, you’ll want to pay attention to how heavy your boxes are getting. In fact, many Newport Coast moving companies have general weight limits for individual boxes. It is easier on the body to move many lighter boxes than to move fewer heavy boxes. So the easiest way to avoid too-heavy boxes is just to pack materials in the proper box sizes. Put light but bulky items in larger boxes, and then pack heavier, denser items in smaller boxes.

If you’re unsure whether your boxes are getting too heavy, keep a scale nearby. Once you pop a few boxes on a scale during packing, you’ll get a better feel for how heavy each box is becoming so that you can better gauge in the future.

4. Take apart furniture

Get out the screwdrivers because you’re going to want to take apart many pieces of furniture before the move. Particularly large or heavy items are easier – and safer – to move if their taken apart into their smaller, lighter component parts. It’s usually quite easy to take apart a piece of furniture. Plus, disassembled furniture tends to be easier to pack into a moving van, making this a win-win suggestion.

5. Get help

Many homeowners assume that hiring the best Newport Coast moving company to handle their move will cost too much money. But, actually, this may not be the case. Hiring movers for just the heavy lifting piece of the move may not cost much more than just renting a moving truck, in fact. It’s always worth getting a quote, since this is the easiest way to prevent personal injury related to your move.

Even if you don’t hire a moving company, be sure that your volunteer movers know how to properly lift items during the moving process. Otherwise, they’re likely to become injured. Of course, you don’t want your volunteers injured just on principle. But you’ll also want to be aware that you could wind up paying hefty medical bills if someone is injured on your property. This is just one consideration to be aware of when it comes to the moving process.