Pack a Bundle, Save a Bundle


Relocating to a new home definitely requires a certain outlay of cash. Nevertheless, you can ease your packing expenses considerably with some common-sense steps. Many Irvine moving companies believe packing containers are a great starting point. You probably know that boxes and crates are available for purchase from various outlets, both online and in the physical universe. But going this route does little to maximize the buying power of your hard-earned money. Don’t worry. This Irvine moving company is pleased to announce that you can grab all the packing containers you need — for free.

One of the best places to secure freebie containers is the local retail outlet. There are probably dozens, if not hundreds, of these resources in your immediate vicinity. Remember, most stores dump their shipment boxes and crates once they’ve been emptied and their contents properly stored. This gives you first dibs on the discarded containers.

If you’re opting for free containers, make sturdiness a priority. As with Irvine movers, they must be strong enough for the job. Generally speaking, furniture stores offer the sturdiest containers in the known universe. The reason is obvious – their product boxes and crates must hold large and heavy tables, chairs, sofas, and other household furnishings. Strong, non-ripping boxes are mandatory.

Don’t panic if the discarded box supply has been depleted at your local furniture stores. Free containers can be had at any number of retail outlets, although they won’t have the strength of designated furniture holders. The key is to look closely at what you’re getting and make sure it’s built to hold.  

If you have questions about reducing moving expenses, be sure to reach out to Executive Moving Systems. Among the leading Irvine moving companies, we provide prompt, dependable service no matter how big the job. When you need reliable Orange County movers, you can count on Executive Moving Systems to get it there safe and sound.