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Moving with Kids to Cypress – Seven Helpful Hints

cypress movers kids tipsMoving with Kids – Seven Helpful Hints

I don’t know about you, but moving is never at the top of my “fun things to do” list. It takes time, and there are so many details involved. Even with the best Cypress moving company on my team, moving is stressful. Then you add kids into the pot, and it gets even more stressful.

Just having kids makes everything take longer. Suddenly, there’s less time to pack and deal with all those moving-related details. But, also, kids are often pretty emotional about the moving process. They may not understand what’s going on, and their confusion can lead to tantrums and tears of all sorts.

So what’s a parent with an upcoming move to do? Luckily, moving with kids isn’t inevitably a nightmare. With these seven helpful hints, you can turn it into a family bonding experience!


  1. 1.Allow added time.

Most people underestimate how long moving will take, especially if they’re packing their own home. But even when you’re hiring the best Cypress movers for a full-service move, tackling the little pre-move details takes a while. Add kids into that, and everything takes even longer. All this to say: be sure you give yourself plenty of time to get through the moving process.

  1. 2.Talk about it constantly.

Once you know for certain that you’ll be moving and have at least a relative date, start talking to your kids about it. And keep talking about it – even if the move is a couple of months away. You probably already use this technique for smaller events, like going to the doctor or spending the night away from home. But moving is a huge experience, so it requires lots – and lots – of talking.

You really can’t talk about the move too much. But don’t just talk at your kids; leave space for them to talk back and to ask questions. Find out what they’re excited about, and what they’re nervous about. Chances are they’ve got questions that didn’t even occur to you, since they’re minds work so differently from your own.

3. Check out the new neighborhood.

If your move is local, this is an easy way to preview the moving process. If possible, take your kids to your new home if they’ve not seen it already. Talk about who will have which room, and where you might put treasured family photos, artwork, and knickknacks. Take time to drive through the new neighborhood, finding ice cream shops, parks, museums, and other locations you might visit frequently.

This is a bit more difficult with a long-distance move. But chances are you can leverage the power of the internet to find maps, pictures, and reviews of your soon-to-be neighborhood. Turn this information into a “virtual” tour to take with your kids.

4. Delegate tasks.

Delegating to kids is important, though it doesn’t necessarily make your job any easier. Kids are more likely to cooperate with a process if they feel like they have some role in it. So let your preschooler put her stuffed animals and clothes into boxes. Let your grade-schooler label boxes with that adorable little-kid printing. You may have to add to or even redo your children’s efforts, but letting them feel like they’re helping is huge.

5. Let them label.

One of the easiest tasks to delegate to kids is labeling boxes. They’re likely concerned that the boxes full of their stuff are properly marked, anyway. Little kids can help with themed stickers – each child with his or her own sticker sheet. Bigger kids can use color-coded markers to write whatever they feel they need to on boxes. That might just be a name, but it could also be a list of every single item in that box. Just let them go to town. It’ll keep them busy, and help them feel better.

6. Recruit help.

Asking for help is always a good idea when you’re moving, but it’s a necessity when you have kids involved. If nothing else, you’ll need help on moving day to ensure that the kids don’t get underfoot. Even a local high-schooler who can entertain them in the back yard would be hugely helpful. Even if you’ve hired the best Cypress moving company to pack and move you, you’ll need to be available to deal with inevitable last-minute details.

7. Throw a going away party.

Make your last night in your old home a going away party, where everyone gets to say goodbye to your home. Get your favorite takeout, and take time to talk about your favorite memories in each part of the home. You can even set kids loose with a digital camera to take pictures of their favorite parts of the house, just for the record.

Moving is rarely a straightforward, easy process. But when you add kids into the mix, it gets even more complicated. So be sure you have plenty of time, and then follow these seven helpful hints for an easier moving process.