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Los Alimitos Moving Companies are Restricted from Moving These Items

los alimitos moving companiesAs you and your family get ready for your next big move, communication with the moving company is essential. You’ll need to arrange the basics – like what day and time the movers are coming to do the packing. But be sure that you don’t forget about other details – like what items the moving company will and will not haul on your behalf.

Surprised to hear that your moving company may not automatically haul everything that happens to be in your home? Don’t be! movers are often restricted by DOT regulations that say what each company can and cannot haul. And some moving companies reduce liability – for themselves and their customers – by refusing to haul certain items.


Now, these restrictions can and do vary from one moving company to the next. But there are some pretty basic industry standards that you should be aware of. Then, if you need to transport any items that may fall into these lists, you can ask your moving company whether or not they’ll haul the items for you.

1.Personal items

This one doesn’t really fit in this list, because most moving companies will move personal items. After all, everything in your home could technically be considered a personal item. But some moving companies have restrictions on the types of items that they won’t haul – like really expensive jewelry. Most, also, won’t handle your prescription medications, for obvious reasons.

Even if your moving company will haul personal items without restriction, it makes more sense to keep particularly valuable or sentimental items with you, instead. Important paperwork, cash, stock certificates, and even irreplaceable family photos should stay with you. You’ll feel much better that way!

2. Hazardous goods

Typically, moving companies are restricted by the DOT from taking along any hazardous items. Just what counts as “hazardous” can vary a bit from one company to the next. But, generally, movers aren’t going to pack up a box of fireworks, and they’ll ask you to empty the gas out of your mower before they pack it up.

Again, this is just something to ask about up front. Some moving companies even have restrictions about packing and hauling household cleaning supplies. This is definitely something you want to know ahead of time.

3. Pets

You’re probably not planning to send the family dog on the moving van. But what about your fish tank or your lizard in its tank? Moving companies can’t take live animals, so you’ll need to make other arrangements to get your pets to their new home.

Even the best Los Alamitos movers cannot take your live pets, but they can probably pack up things like large tanks for you. Ask about special crating packages for these types of items. Then, you can move your pets to a smaller carrier or fishbowl to take in the car with you temporarily, and the movers can worry about the heavy glass tank.

4. Food

Perishable food is a big pain to move – for you and the moving company. Often, movers will be glad to pack up unopened boxes of nonperishables, as well as canned goods. But they’ll leave the veggies in the fridge, thank you very much. The best solution here is just to eat up all the perishables in your home well before moving day. Then, you’re stuck with only a few bottles of ketchup and salad dressing to haul to your new home.

5. Very large or heavy items

Even the best Los Alamitos moving companies have their restrictions on what they’re physically capable of handling. If you need to move a hot tub, pool table, or piano to your new home, you may need to make special arrangements. Often times, moving companies can do this, but it will definitely take special arrangements.

In other cases, your movers may be honest with you that they just don’t have the capability to move large, awkward items like these. But they can likely refer you to a helpful specialty moving company in the area that can do it for you.

There aren’t a lot of household items that movers won’t move. The best Los Alamitos movers will be able to help you pack and move even awkward items, valuable antiques, and more. But every company has restrictions – some of which come straight from the Federal Department of Transportation. So before you assume a moving company can carry on your tank of kerosene or baby grand piano, it’s a good idea to ask.