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LaHabra Moving Company Moving Tips

la habra moving companies 0210 Crazy Moving Tips You May Want to Use

Moving can be a stressful process. Unless you’re hiring the best La Habra moving company to take care of all the details, you’ve likely got a million things to do. Packing is one of them. Here are a few crazy tips that can make at least that part of the moving process easier:

1.Take photos first

Digital photos on your phone or stored on the cloud can help solve potential issues with items getting broken during the move. But they can also serve another purpose: DIY instructions. If you lost the instructions for putting together a piece of furniture, make your own as you take it apart. Take a photo each step of the way. Look at them in reverse to know how to put that piece of furniture back together.


2. Leave the fish 50% of its water

Most people when moving will empty out a fish tank completely, moving the fish in individual bags. But this isn’t great for the fish, who are used to the environment and good bacteria in their current water. Instead, leave about half the water in the fish tank, and then fill it up the rest of the way when you get to your new home. It’s less convenient, but better for your fish.

3. Protect mattresses with sheets

You already use fitted sheets to protect your mattress. Just double that up for your move. Put one sheet on the front of the mattress, and then stand it up to stick another sheet on the back. Sheets can protect from dust, dirt, and other moving hazards. If you don’t have some old fitted sheets lying around your home, pick some up for a few bucks at a thrift store. It’ll be an investment well worth your while!

4. Use suitcases to pack books

Books can easily bust out the bottom of a cardboard box, even a sturdy one. Instead of relying on a cardboard box, pack books in rolling suitcases. This makes it easier to haul heavy books around, and it won’t break during the move.

5. Use all the gaps

Leverage all the gaps and space you can when moving. Leave dressers full of clothing packed, since there’s no reason to repack your clothing. Just shrink wrap the drawers shut, so that you can move the dresser more easily. And use the gaps in places like mixing bowls and your slow cooker to pack spices and kitchen essentials. You’ll make the best use of your space when you use the gaps as much as possible.

6. Get some clean socks

Socks are a wonderful option for packing smaller items. You can just slide stemware inside a sock for the perfect amount of protection. Or pack other small, breakable items inside rolled-up socks, and use other socks to pad around the outside of the box.

7. Give boxes handles

Boxes are easier to handle with handles. You can give regular moving boxes handles by cutting small holes in the sides of the box. Stick your fingers through, and you’ve got an instant handle. This works best with boxes that are lightweight, since cutting the handles compromises the integrity of the box.

8. Use compressible bags

Compressible vacuum bags are easy to use and can be a great way to save space when you move. You can pack clothes, comforters, towels, and other fabric items inside these bags, compress them, and save loads of space. You could fit an entire closet inside a single dresser with this technique!

9. Use straws and paper towel rolls for jewelry

Threading jewelry through a stiff tube will keep it from tangling during the move. Thread necklaces and bracelets through used paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Or thread long, thin chains through straws for the same effect.

10. Make use of special packing tape

These days, the internet abounds with interesting conveniences. One of them is coded packing tape. Each roll has the name of a room written on it. Pick up a roll for each room in your new home, and you can label your boxes as you’re taping them. You have to love killing two birds with one stone!

Hopefully these ten weird tips – along with the best La Habra moving company – will help make your move easier.