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Laguna Beach Moving Tips with Portable Storage

laguna beach moving companies 02When Using Portable Storage, Use These Four Tips

If your move isn’t as straightforward as home A to home B all in one day, you may be in need of some storage. Whether you’re renovating your new home or you just haven’t found one yet, storage can keep your things safe while you’re in between homes.

However, rather than turning to the traditional self storage option, why not consider a more convenient option: portable self storage? A portable self storage unit is a more convenient option without added cost. What is this type of storage unit, and how can it make your life easier? Find out below:

What is portable self storage?

Just like it sounds, portable self storage is a storage unit that the moving company brings to you. The best Laguna Beach moving companies offer these units, which are an added convenience for their customers.


These units are similar to a large shipping crate. The movers will bring an empty unit to your home, where you can fill it up. Or if you’re pressed for time, consider hiring the movers to load up the unit. When it’s full, the moving company will take the storage unit to their secure warehouse, where you can store it until you’re ready to unpack in your new home.

Once that day comes and you are ready to unpack your items in your new home, you can have the moving company to bring out the full unit. Then, again, you can either unpack it yourself or contract with your Laguna Beach movers to do it for you.

If you plan to try out one of these storage units, here are a few tips to make your experience easier and smoother:

1.Use great boxes

Boxes are, of course, important in any moving situation. But if you’re moving from point A to point B within a few days, you can afford to cut corners. You might leave some items out of boxes, or you could consider putting clothes and other unbreakables in heavy-duty trash bags instead. But when packing a portable self storage unit, your best bet is to use heavy-duty, standard-sized moving boxes.

These boxes are more expensive on the front end, but they can actually save you money in the long run. With standardized boxes, you can stack items all the way to the ceiling, making the most of all the space in your storage unit.

2. Pack boxes tightly

Whenever you move, it’s important to pack each box carefully. Boxes packed sloppily or loosely are the primary cause of broken items during the moving process. So before you put a box into your storage unit, give it a “shake test.” In other words, gently shake the packed box. If you feel or hear things moving in the box, add some more padding to ensure that nothing shifts around.

It’s especially important to take this time with your boxes that are full of fragile items. You shouldn’t be able to hear breakables clinking against one another when the boxes are packed.

3. Make a game plan

Packing a portable storage unit is a lot like packing a moving truck – it’s best to put the largest items in first. However, you want to be even more careful when you’re packing a portable storage unit because you want to make the most of your space.

So you’ll want to attack the packing process with a game plan. Fit the larger items into the unit first, and then fill in with smaller items. Also, be sure to pack the most important items last, where they’ll be by the door and accessible should you need them while your portable unit is still in storage.

4. Pack the unit snugly

Just as it’s important to pack boxes snugly so that items don’t shift around, it’s important to pack the storage unit snugly, too. The last thing you want is boxes moving around or toppling over while the storage unit is being moved.

Yes, the best Laguna Beach moving companies will keep the storage unit as level as possible during the move. But even the best movers can’t prevent all the bumps in the road. So tie down items, add extra padding, or do whatever it takes to ensure that the items inside your portable self storage unit won’t shift around while the unit is being moved.

When they’re used well, portable storage units can be a huge convenience when you’re moving. They can make your life easier, and give you the storage you need while you’re in between homes. These tips ensure that you’ll make the most of your portable storage unit when it’s time to use one.