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Huntington Beach Movers Tips for Kids

huntington beach movers kids tipsTop 5 Tips for Moving with Kids

When you’re getting ready to move, it’s easy to get caught up in all the “adult” details you have to take care of – dates and numbers and boxes and packing. But don’t get so caught up in your to-do list that you forget about what your kids need during the moving process.

Even if you hire the best Huntington Beach moving company for the job, your kids are going to need some handholding during this complex process. Kids tend to get emotional about any big transitions. If you thought that moving from a crib to a big kid bed was a big deal, try moving kids to a new home entirely!

Moving can be very emotional for children, so you need to be prepared to deal with all their feelings and needs during this process. Here are five tips to deal with both the emotional and the practical sides of moving with children.


1.Make space for feelings.

It’s important to understand that kids are likely to have mixed feelings about a move. Even big kids who understand that your local move doesn’t even mean leaving behind friends and neighbors can be overwhelmed by it all. Kids have an incredible capacity to become attached to things and places. They’re likely very attached to your home.

Be sure to leave room for these feelings during the process. Talk about the move often. Talk about what you’ll miss about your current home, and what you’re looking forward to in the new home. Let kids know you’re always ready for their questions or concerns about the process. They might come to you with some interesting ones!

And while you’re preparing, talk about the details of moving day, especially. Talk about what you’ll have to do to get ready for the move, and what that moving day will look like. Understanding the details can help even young children feel more in control in the middle of a scary situation.

2. Check out the new neighborhood.

If you’re moving locally, take an afternoon off to visit your new neighborhood. Even if it’s only a few blocks away, you’ll likely find new parks and other places to visit regularly. Walk around the neighborhood, and talk about what the kids want to see or do right after moving day.

Even if you can’t take kids inside your future home, give them a sense of what it looks like with pictures. If you can, draw a rough layout of each child’s bedroom. Let them pick out paint colors, “arrange” the furniture on the draft, and do other tasks that help get them excited about the new home.

Even if you’re moving far away, you can arrange a virtual tour of your new neighborhood. Use Google Maps and other online tools to give kids a sense of what the neighborhood looks like and what’s nearby your new home.

3. Give them jobs.

Giving kids jobs to do often results in even more work for you. But giving them tasks to accomplish can help them feel more in control of the whole situation. So take time to give kids jobs that they can accomplish. They’ll feel more involved with the whole moving process, which can make life much easier for you.

Some jobs to consider include packing boxes with lightweight, non-breakable items like stuffed animals, sheets, and clothes. Kids can also help label boxes. Older kids can write room names on boxes as you pack them, or even tape the boxes shut with some assistance.

Another option to consider is to let kids label boxes that are full of their own items. Kids can be irrationally – at least it will seem so to you – concerned that their stuff will get lost or mixed up during the moving process. If this is the case, giving kids markers and stickers to label (ie. color all over) their boxes can keep them busy and allay these fears.

4. Hire some help.

You may need to outsource more tasks when you’re moving with kids than you would have had to otherwise. So think of a few places where hired help could make your life easier. For instance, now might be the time to consider hiring the best Huntington Beach moving company to do your packing for you.

Other areas to consider hired help: babysitting for the kids, and cleaners to clean up your old home. If you’re moving into a home that will need cleaned, you might even hire a cleaning service to go through your new home to get everything clean before moving day.

On moving day, it’s essential that your kids are safely out of the way. The easiest way to make this happen is with a babysitter who can keep kids happily engaged while you take care of business.

5. Host a party.

Host a going away party for your home. Make it a family night where you can enjoy your favorite take out and enjoy each other’s company. Then, go through each area of your home to talk about your favorite memories that took place there. This can be a great way to give kids the closure they need when it’s time to move.

These are just five basic ways that you can make your life – and your kids’ lives – easier during the moving process.