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How Much for the Best Corona Del Mar Movers?

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Before you can hire the best Corona Del Mar movers, you’ve got to work out some details. One of the most important details is, of course, cost. You want to know what the move is going to cost you, and what you can possibly do to lessen that hit to your wallet. Here are four of the most commonly-asked questions about moving costs:

1.How much will my move cost?

Of course, this is the bottom-line question that everyone asks when shopping around for moving services. But it’s the most difficult question to answer. Typical moving companies base the cost of a move on the weight of the stuff that needs to be moved. Bottom line: the more stuff you have, the more expensive your move.


But you can’t just tell a mover how much stuff you think you have over the phone and expect an accurate quote. No, a good quote requires an in-person, in-home estimate. So ask the moving company to send you a representative for an in-home estimate. Then, and only then, will you find out how much it’ll cost you to move with that particular company.

2. Is that what I’ll actually pay?

There is a way to guarantee that you won’t pay more than the price estimated for your move: a binding estimate. Basically, this is an estimate that also acts as a contract. The moving company agrees to move you for this set price, even if they overlooked something and end up having higher out-of-pocket costs.

Another option is a binding estimate with a contingency. Sometimes movers will write in a 10-15% contingency fee. So you’ll pay up to that percentage more than the estimated base price, but no more than that. This isn’t quite as reassuring as a truly binding estimate. However, it does offer you some limit to your moving-related expenses.

3. How much will I pay for packing?

If you’re in the market for a full-service move, you’ll need to factor in packing costs, too. This is a whole different ballgame because it’s a whole different skillset. Packing is labor-intensive, and can seem expensive. However, what would take you weeks or maybe even months to accomplish in the corners of your busy life, professional packers can do in less than a day.

Again, even the best Corona del Mar movers won’t be able to give you an accurate quote for packing services over the phone. If you’re interested in this type of service, mention it during the in-home estimate. The estimator can then itemize out your packing services, so you can see exactly how much they’d cost.

4. How can I make this more affordable?

Those who have never paid for professional moving services before may get a bit of sticker shock, even from competitively-priced services. You can go the DIY route and rent a van to move yourself. But you’ll still spend money on the rental, gas, and packing supplies, and you’ll sink a whole lot more time into the move. Alternatives for lowering your moving costs include:

  • Downsize. As you get ready to move, you may notice items that you no longer need. Many people do when cleaning out the attic or garage. Before you even get a moving quote, get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Less junk means a cheaper move – and a clutter-free new home!
  • Pay for only specified packing services. The best Corona del Mar moving company will offer customizable packages, where you can specify exactly what items movers will and will not pack. You can pack the easy stuff – like your clothes and the kids’ toys – but then have the movers pack the more awkward, fragile, or valuable items.
  • Time it right. Movers, like most service-based industries, have peak times and slower times. Typically, activity peaks at the beginning and end of the month, as people move into and out of rentals. But you can always ask your mover if changing the move date by a week or two would save you any money.
  • Get insurance. This is just one more expense up front, of course. But insurance can protect your wallet big time if something large or valuable breaks during the move. Professionals will typically offer a base-level of insurance included in your package, but if not, you can purchase additional insurance on the side.