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Garden Grove Portable Storage Moving Tips

garden grove moving companies 02Renting A Portable Storage Unit? Follow These Tips

Most of the time, moving is a pretty straightforward process. You pack stuff into a moving van in the morning, and unload it all into your new home in the afternoon. But in some circumstances, this isn’t the case. For instance, you might be renovating your new home. Or maybe your current home sold quickly, and you’re still looking for the next place you’ll call home.

Whatever the circumstances, if you’ll spend some time in a hotel or couch-surfing between homes, you’ll need to store your items somewhere. And instead of a traditional personal storage unit, you should consider storing items in a portable storage unit.


What are these units, and what makes them a better option? Find out below:

What makes portable storage wonderful?

Basically, portable storage units take the idea of traditional self storage, and add a whole new level of convenience. With these units, which are similar to large shipping crates, the movers bring the storage to you. They’ll drop off an empty unit when you need it. You take your time packing it (or hire the movers to pack it for you). Then, they haul it off to store it in a secure warehouse.

When you’re ready to move into your new home, your Garden Grove movers will then bring the unit to your new home. Again, you can either unpack it yourself, or contract with the moving company to do it for you.

Portable storage units are easy to use, and they save you from the multiple-moving process that you get with traditional self storage units. Even though they’re simple to use, though, we think these tips will make your experience with portable storage units even better:

1.Pay attention to packing

If you just throw stuff into your portable storage unit, willy-nilly, you’ll find that you quickly run out of space. A huge unit can easily become “too small” if you don’t use the space wisely. Your best bet for wise use of space is to simply think about how you’re packing the unit. Put the largest items in first, and then pack smaller items around those large pieces.

If you don’t know what size storage unit you need, talk to the movers. They’ll be expert on offering this sort of advice.

2. Keep some items accessible

You should consider keeping your most important items and documents out of the storage unit altogether. This will ensure that you have access  to these items as soon as you need them. With some Newport Beach moving companies, you may be able to access your things while they’re in storage. But this isn’t always the case, and you’ll typically need to give the moving company advance notice.

But outside of the most essential items, consider putting your important, most-used items near the front of the unit – close to the door. These things should go in last, so that when you open the door, they’re right there where you need them.

3. Pack with boxes

When you’re just moving things from one point to another, packing in trash bags when you can is fine. But this will waste space when you’re trying to pack items into a portable storage unit. Instead, you’ll want to be sure that you pack in boxes, which are easier to stack all the way to the ceiling of the unit.

Awkwardly shaped items won’t be easy to pack into your storage unit if they aren’t in boxes. You’re better off packing everything you possibly can into standard-sized moving boxes. They’re more expensive, but they can help you save in the long run by giving you more room in your storage unit.

4. Pack snugly

Even the best Garden Grove movers can’t keep things from moving inside the storage unit. They’ll take care to keep it level during the moving process, but there will be some bumps along the way. So be sure to pack each box tightly, and then to also pack the items inside the unit tightly. The goal is to make sure things move as little as possible, which means they’re less likely to break.

Portable storage units, when used correctly and packed well, can make the moving process much easier and more convenient. Using these tips will ensure you get the most out of your portable units.