Five Steps for Landing the Best Corona Del Mar Moving Company

best-corona-del-mar-moving-ccompanyWhen you’re preparing to move, it’s easy to get lost in the details. You’ve got to worry about buying or selling a home, or signing a new rental contract. All of this stuff takes time, and it’s easy to let it slip your mind that you also need to worry about hiring a moving company.

But if you leave this process until the last minute, you’re likely to get stuck with sub-par service from your moving company. You definitely don’t want this!

Even while you’re working on the other details of your move, take these five simple steps to ensure that you get top-notch service for a great price from the best Corona del Mar moving company.

1. Begin with recommendations

Before you even get online and Google for “Corona del Mar movers,” ask around. You probably know a few people who have moved in the past year or two. Ask them which moving company they used and how their experience was.


This is great, especially if you want to hire a local moving company rather than a big national name. First-person perspectives can tell you quite a bit about a company’s service record.

If you don’t know anyone who has moved recently, ask around online. Facebook groups, local forums, and local blogs can be great places to get more information about local service companies. The Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List are also great places to gather this sort of information.

2. Vet them online

Before you call any companies to get estimates for your move, make a list of a few that you’re interested in. Then, take some time to ensure that these companies are legitimate.

For one thing, legitimate companies will have a local office that you can actually drive to. Companies that only offer a PO box or that don’t have a mailing address at all are suspicious, and should be avoided.

You’ll also want to do some digging online to ensure that the companies that interest you are licensed and insured. This is surprisingly easy information to get. You’ll just need the company’s legal name (which may be different from its operating name) and/or its DOT number. This information is usually available on a company’s website. Or, you can call to obtain the information directly.

Then, run this information through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website. It’ll tell you if the company’s license is current, how many accidents they’ve reported recently, and other pertinent information. If a company isn’t registered, cross it off your list right away.

3. Get several estimates

Obviously you want to know how much various moving companies are going to charge you for their services. You want to see who’s going to offer you the best value for your hard-earned money.

So you’ll need to gather estimates. But you don’t want just any estimates. You need to be sure you’re getting in-person estimates that are binding. Over-the-phone quotes are wildly inaccurate, and companies that only offer these are likely scams. Reputable companies will send someone to your home to give you a free estimate.

When you schedule these estimates, ask for binding estimates. These are estimates that will basically transfer to the contract. They show the price you’ll actually pay. Non-binding estimates are usually quite low.

4. Compare estimates

Once you’ve gathered the estimates, it’s time to compare them. Think about this before you even schedule the estimates, and make sure that each moving company is quoting you for similar services. For instance, you don’t want one company to quote you for the extra service of unpacking some of your boxes, while another company doesn’t quote for that service.

Look through the quotes to ensure that they’re similar, and then weigh your options. When you’re trying to hire the best Corona del Mar moving company, you need to be sure you’re balancing three things: customer service, price, and services provided.

It’s not all about paying the lowest price. You want to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, and you do that by balancing out a company’s level of customer service with its price.

5. Choose and sign

When you’ve chosen the company that you think is the best Corona del Mar moving company, you’ll need to look over the contract. For some companies, this will be the same thing as the estimate. They set up the estimate so that it can be signed as a contract later. Other companies will need to write a new contract.

Either way, be sure the contract includes all the pertinent details of your move, and that it’s accurate to what the estimate said. Then, talk to the movers about anything you may need to do before your moving date. Finally, sign the contract and relax while someone else takes care of at least some of the details of your move.