Essential Packing


While Anaheim movers are supreme masters of managing the big loads, you’ll likely cover the lighter cargo… at least some it.  OK, but remember, even the smaller stuff can amount to quite a bundle, depending on the size of your inventory. Organization is essential, whether your property count is high, low, or mid-range. Even with a solid Anaheim moving company in your corner, self-organization is indispensible for a smooth move.

How do you get organized for the move? Many Anaheim moving companies recommend beginning with your arrival day. By the time you set foot on your new premises, you’ll probably be drained, both mentally and physically. Possibly you’ll experience a few muscle aches and pains stemming from recent physical demands. Thus, the last thing you’ll want is extra work when you arrive.

To minimize your move-in workload, arrive with an ‘arrival’ box.  Stored inside this container will be a batch of front-line essentials such as flashlights, blankets, water bottles, etc. Pack these items well in advance of move-in day, even if it means skipping a Starbucks session. You’ll be delighted you made the effort. Searching for a missing blanket or water bottle with bleary eyes isn’t exactly a picnic. If it’s essential property, it belongs in your arrival box.

Once the arrival box is packed, you’re not through. You also must compile a ‘forbidden’ list. This covers property never to be packed … the instant-access items always tucked away on your person. These include driver’s license, debit and credit cards, and similar personal items.

If you have questions about packing essential belongings for moving day, be sure to reach out to Executive Moving Systems. Among the leading Anaheim movers, we provide prompt, dependable service no matter how big the job. When you need reliable Orange County movers, you can count on Executive Moving Systems to get it there safe and sound.