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best balboa movers 015 Steps for Preparing Furniture for Moving Day

As you get ready for moving day, it’s easy to think about packing your stuff and then to forget about your furniture. But it’s just as important to prepare your furniture properly as it is to properly pack your dishes. Even if you’re hiring the best Balboa moving company for your move, properly prepared furniture is essential. Here’s how:

1.Protect leather and upholstery

Protecting leather and upholstered furniture is pretty easy. Start by putting any pillows and removable cushions into trash bags. For extra protection, you can buy heavy-duty moving bags, too. These are thicker plastic that can protect from rips and snags as well as dust and dirt.

Then, you may decide to wrap the actual furniture in plastic, as well. This isn’t always necessary, but it can offer extra protection, if needed. You may just want to talk to your Balboa moving company about this, though, to see if they think this is a helpful step for your situation.

2. Clean other furniture

Other furniture made from wood, tile, and other hard materials may need dusted quickly on moving day. This seems counterintuitive. Won’t it all get dirty on moving day, anyway? But, actually, dust and dirt can cause scratches in wooden furniture especially.

Unlike all the rest of these tips, this is one you should do on the actual day of the move, or the night before. Just plan enough time to run through the house with a dust rag and some dusting spray on moving day. You can avoid microscopic scratches on your furniture with this easy step.

3. Take it apart

Furniture is much faster, easier, safer, and more efficient to move if it’s broken down into its component parts. You’ll definitely want to take the legs off of tables, for instance, and then take any bed frames apart.

To do this, you’ll typically just need some hand tools – a variety of wrenches and screw drivers. The job gets faster, though, with a power drill. So if you don’t have these tools in your home, borrow them from a friend or neighbor well before moving day.

When you take the furniture apart, be sure to pay attention to how it will go back together. Many pieces will be easy to put together, but some will be harder. Those with more parts or parts that go on in a certain order should be labeled as you take them apart for an easier time putting them back together.

4. Keep it all intact

As you’re taking apart furniture in preparation to move, be mindful of how easy it will be to eventually find all the parts again. You can use moving plastic to wrap together table legs and other large parts. You can also avoid taking dressers apart at all by wrapping the drawers shut, so they can just stay in the dresser during the move.

Smaller pieces should go into a plastic bag. For extra security, tape the bag shut, and label it with which furniture piece it goes with. Then, you can even tape the bag to the table or other piece of furniture it goes with, so it’s easier to find when you move in.

5. Tell the movers where it goes

Even the best Balboa movers aren’t mind readers. And you’ve already paid for your move, so tell them where to take each piece of furniture in your new home. That way you don’t get stuck moving all the furniture from your downstairs dining room to each bedroom in the house!

To do this without harming furniture, just stick a piece of masking tape on each piece of furniture. Label that with the room where the furniture will go. Be sure you use the same terminology for your rooms that you use for the boxes.

All of these tips are essential for a DIY move. But if you’re hiring the best Balboa moving company for a full-service move, your movers and packers should do most of this for you. If you’re not sure exactly what your moving company is planning to do when it comes to moving day, ask your movers ahead of time. That way you’ll know beforehand what you need to do and which of these tips you need to take.