Avoiding Injury During a Move: 5 Tips


Avoiding Injury During a Move to Coto de Caza: 5 Tips

All too often, we see individuals who get injured during the moving process. Often, these are just minor cuts, scrapes, and strains. But sometimes, moving-related injuries are more serious. Often, these injuries are easily preventable. You just have to know what steps to take to prevent injury when packing and moving. Here are the top five injury-prevention tips from the best Coto de Caza moving company:

1.Leave plenty of time.

Moving is a busy time. You have to take care not only of packing all of your things, but also of other moving-related details, such as changing your address and making a million phone calls. All this combined often causes you to hurry when packing and moving things. It seems necessary, but this type of hurry often leads to serious injury.


The best way to avoid hurry-related moving injuries is to give yourself loads of time when you’re moving. Start packing at least six weeks before your move, if at all possible. And if you’re doing a completely DIY move, consider moving your furniture a little at a time to ward off strain and fatigue related injuries.

2.Lift with good mechanics.

Back strain is all too common during the moving process. And chances are that your back will feel tired if you move furniture all day. But that doesn’t mean injuries are inevitable. In fact, if you use proper body mechanics, you can keep from injuring your back by using stronger muscles in your legs to do most of the heavy lifting.

If you’ve never learned to use proper body mechanics, talk to someone who understands them and can teach you. Chiropractors, physical therapists, and other professionals can demonstrate proper lifting technique, which can help ward off back injury during the moving process. Then, just be sure that you’re going slowly enough when moving that you can actually follow these types of techniques.

3.Buy some work gloves.

Work gloves can be helpful when you’re moving. They’re handy to have around when moving furniture, especially. Often times, furniture can have staples or other unexpected metal pieces poking out on the bottom when you go to pick it up. This can cause scrapes and cuts if you aren’t careful. Just putting on a pair of leather work gloves can keep you from sustaining these types of injuries when moving your furniture.

You may also need work gloves around if you break something into sharp pieces during the move. For instance, if you drop a plate and need to pick up the sharp fragments, work gloves can keep your hands from getting injured during the process.

4.Keep a clear pathway.

It’s easy to let packed boxes and other items crowd the walkways in your home while you’re moving, but it’s important to keep these things clear. When packing boxes ahead of time, create a space to stack them in until moving day. Preferably this will be along a wall in a less-trafficked area of your home. You’ll definitely want to focus on keeping hallways clear, as well as major pathways in living areas.

At the end of each day of packing, take time to check out your hallways and other high-traffic areas. Take time to move boxes out of the way in order to prevent trip-and-fall injuries, especially at night.

5.Hire the professionals.

A full-service move may not be in your budget, but the best Coto de Caza moving companies will offer customizable packages that suit your needs and your budget. Hiring the best moving company on your actual moving day can help keep you from sustaining back and fatigue-related injuries. Or you could just hire movers to take the heaviest pieces of furniture to your new home.

It’s important to note that even when you take these five steps, you can sustain minor injuries during the moving process. Be sure to keep your first aid kit nearby in case you need a bandage for a minor scrape or an ice pack for a bruise. You’ll definitely be glad to have these items nearby, just in case you should need them during your move.