Aliso Viejo Movers 7-Step Method for Packing Dishes

aliso-viejo-movers-packersWhen you’re ready to move, you may not decide to hire Aliso Viejo moving companies to do all the packing for you. And that’s okay. But it does mean that you need to approach packing with a plan – and plenty of time to get it done!

So before you start packing, especially when it comes to heavy, fragile items like dishes, glassware, and cookingware, read through this 7-step packing method.

Before you start

Before you start packing any boxes in your home, talk to your Aliso Viejo movers. First, you may want to double-check on the costs and options for packing services. Many great moving companies will let you pick and choose items or rooms you want them to pack. So you can customize your move to your needs and budget. You might opt to have the movers pack your kitchen, which can be one of the more complicated rooms in the house to pack.


Also, ask about insurance. Often times, you’ll get better insurance coverage on boxes that the movers pack, over the ones that you pack yourself. This isn’t always true, but you’ll certainly want to double check with your moving company.

1. Purchase great boxes

To start, you’ll want good boxes for packing fragile, heavy items like dishes and glassware. These items will be too heavy for flimsy or used boxes. So go splurge on some heavier-duty boxes. It’ll be worth your while.

The boxes made for packing fragile items are made from heavier cardboard. This stands up better under heavier weights. And the thicker cardboard also absorbs impacts betters, so that your items in the box are less likely to break.

2. Use packing paper

Packing paper is usually cheaper and easier to work with than packing peanuts. You can use store-bought, unprinted packing paper or old newspapers. Keep in mind that newspapers – especially fresher ones – will rub their ink off on your fingers and even on your glasses and dishes. That extra washing required on unpacking can be frustrating. You can, of course, always use a combination of these options.

3. Prepare each box

To get each box ready to pack, start by putting together the bottom of the box and taping it shut. Yes, the tape is essential at this point in the process when you’re dealing with heavy items. Make a criss-cross of tape across the bottom of the box for maximum sturdiness.

Then, put a layer of crumpled paper in the bottom of each box. The paper will add another layer of padding and protection where the box needs it the most.

4. Wrap cups, bowls, and smaller items separately

Each smaller item that you’re ready to pack should be wrapped separately. This ensures that everything is properly protected, and your Aliso Viejo movers are less likely to break something during the moving process.

With small items, place the item in a corner of packing paper, and roll it up until the item is totally covered. When you pack cups, start by putting the corner of the packing paper into the cup, and tuck in the excess paper as you go. You can always stack cups and bowls after they’re wrapped up, too.

5. Use paper plates

Before you start packing, go out and buy some paper plates that are about equal to the size of your dinner plates. When you pack plates, make a tower of alternating plates and paper plates. They’re great padding for your ceramic or porcelain plates. Plus, you can eat off the paper plates on your first few nights in your new home.

6. Look and listen

When you’re packing each box, look for gaps between items in a box. You’ll want to fill those with crumpled paper so that none of the items in the box can move. But you’ll also want to listen. When you place each item in the box, listen for a clink, clank, or thud sound. These sounds signal that you don’t have enough padding between objects, and that those objects are likely to break during the move.

7. Begin with the heaviest items on bottom

When you start packing each box, begin by putting in the heaviest items on the bottom of the box. Then, pack progressively lighter or more delicate items to the top of the box. This serves two purposes. It ensures that the box will naturally stay upright during the moving process. And it helps ensure that the heavier items don’t crush the more delicate ones.

If you pack in this way, you’ll be on your way to getting professional quality results like you’d get if you hired your Aliso Viejo movers to do the packing for you.