A Few Great Reasons to Check Out Portable Self Storage

fountain-valley-movers-portable-storageWhen you’re planning a big move, you’ve got a lot of things to consider. Where to get boxes, who to pay for moving services, and more. Not to mention all the moving-related issues with getting out of one home and into another – leases to sign and contracts to close.

But one extra thing you may want to consider while you’re moving is renting a portable self storage unit. This isn’t always necessary, but it can be really helpful in some situations.

For one thing, if you are moving somewhere temporary in between homes, a portable self storage unit is the perfect solution. Let’s say you found a buyer for your home quickly, but you’re still building or looking for your next home. You have to move into an apartment between homes, and you don’t want to take all your stuff with you. A portable self storage unit from your local Fountain Valley movers is a great solution here.

Another time when portable storage comes in handy is if you’re downsizing. Moving into a smaller home means that you may not even be able to fit all the household goods you currently own into your new home. You’ll need a place to keep things while you decide what’s essential and what you can get rid of. A portable storage unit is a great option for that.

Wondering why you should go with a portable storage unit over a more traditional self storage unit? Here are a few great reasons:


The primary reason to choose a portable self storage unit over a more traditional option is convenience. These are just easier to use! With a traditional storage unit, you have to move everything into the unit, and then move again – using a moving truck twice – to get it to your home. With a portable storage unit, the storage unit basically is the moving truck, and you only have to load and unload it once.

Plus, you have to find a traditional storage unit in a good location – somewhere between your current home and your new home. You have to drive to it to put things into it, and drive there again to get stuff out.

A portable storage unit from your local Fountain Valley movers eliminates some of these problems. With this type of unit, the movers bring the storage to you – both when you’re moving things into storage and when you’re moving them out. The storage unit can basically sit on your doorstep, so it couldn’t be more convenient.


Your typical self storage unit is secured by a padlock and security system that triggers and alarm if the door is opened without first entering a code. It’s not the most high-tech thing in the world, but it works – for the most part.

But if you want more security for your household goods, a portable self storage unit may be the way to go. You see, these types of units are stored in large warehouses, which are often protected by 24-hour surveillance and more state-of-the-art security measures.

When you’re talking to movers about portable storage units, you may want to ask about their security. But it should be quite easy to find a storage unit whose warehouse is tightly secured, keeping your household goods safe against all sorts of potential threats.


Many people assume that portable self storage is more expensive to use than traditional self storage. That can be the case, but not always. For one thing, you don’t have to hire a moving truck twice. And your Fountain Valley movers may offer packages where you can bundle their services in with the portable storage unit, saving you more money in the long run.

Ease of Use

For the moving of the actual storage unit, the moving company does most of the work. It requires their heavy-duty trucks to move the storage unit. And you can also pay the movers, if you choose, to move your things into and out of the storage unit – just like you would with a moving truck.

When you’re packing and unpacking a portable storage unit, it can sit in your driveway or near your door for a few days or even weeks, if you so choose. This gives you the opportunity to pack and unpack slowly, which can take a lot of the hassle and rush out of the moving process.

Using a portable self storage unit couldn’t be any easier.

If you’re looking at a very straightforward move from one home to the next on the same day, a portable self storage unit may not be for you. But if you’re looking at a less typical situation, ask your Fountain Valley movers about the possibility of using one of these units. It can be a huge help during a less typical moving process.