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7 Helpful Hints for Moving with Pets

foothill ranch movers pets7 Helpful Hints for Moving with Pets to Foothill Ranch

Moving is a hassle for anyone, but if you’re a pet owner, it comes with even more to think about. Pets can have a hard time with the whole process – from packing up your current home to settling into your new home. And there are some details you’ll need to take care of that you just wouldn’t think about otherwise.

Even if you hire the best Foothill Ranch moving company, you’ll still need to think through some of these details before your big move. Here are seven helpful hints for moving with pets.

1.Make moving day arrangements.

The most important thing to think about is what you’ll do when it comes to the actual moving day. You’ll definitely need to be sure that your pets stay out of the way of the movers. They could easily get hurt or even get out of the house if you’re not careful!

The best option for some is to just board your pets during the moving process, especially if they’re already used to a local kennel. If this isn’t an option, though, you can see if family members or friends can keep your pet. And if nothing else, crate your pets for the day, or leave them in one room of the house away from the commotion. They may not like this, but it’ll be safer in the long run.

2. Print new tags.

As soon as you know your new address, run by the pet store to print new tags with the updated address. Your pets can wear both for a while, or you can just switch them out on moving day. Just don’t forget this important step – just in case Fluffy or Fido get out on moving day once you’re in your new home.

3. Print records.

When you have to switch veterinarians because of your move, be sure to print off records from the old vet to take with you. Even if you’re doing a short-distance move and will stick with your vet, consider printing records for moving day. It’s a ripe time for emergencies to happen, and you’ll want records if you have to make an unfortunate trip to the pet hospital.

4. Look at the neighborhood.

Before you even move, take some time to get to know your new neighborhood. This is good for you, of course. But it can also be helpful for your pet. This is especially true for dog owners who likely have established routines involving walks and dog parks. Find out where you’ll be walking or hitting the park before you move so you can get into that routine as soon as possible.

5. Purchase crates.

Even the best Foothill Ranch moving company won’t move your pets in a moving van. Even aquarium-bound pets need to go in your car. So keep this in mind when moving smaller pets. And with larger pets, the safest way to move them is in crates or carrying cages that are well-ventilated. Be sure you’ve got these ready to go before moving day.

6. Pack some favorite objects.

Obviously you’ll need to do to your pets as you would do to yourself. In other words, you’ll need to pack a separate bag of stuff that stays with you in your vehicle. This should include things like medications, food, food bowls, litter boxes, etc. But you’ll also want to pack some toys and familiar comfort objects, which can make the transition to a new home easier.

7. Go slowly in your new home.

You may be okay with settling into your entire home at once. But your pet probably is not. So you may want to make a plan for a slower introduction to your new home. Set up one room with your pet’s things – food, water, toys, etc. Start off by leaving the pet in that room, and slowly, as she gets more comfortable, open up access to the rest of the house. This can make the transition less stressful, and help prevent anxiety-based behaviors like chewing and marking.

These are just seven simple tips to help make moving easier when you’re a pet owner.