fountain valley movers kids tips

5 Tips for Moving with Children to Fountain Valley

fountain valley movers kids tips5 Tips for Moving with Children

As you get ready to move, it’s all about the details. You need to decide where you’re moving, how you’re getting there, and who is going to help. You’ll have to hire the best Fountain Valley moving company for the job. But as you’re all wrapped up in the details on your end, don’t forget to think about how things look from your children’s perspectives.

Moving can be a big, scary, emotional event for children. You may be asking your kids to leave the only home they’ve remembered for unknown territory. And even if they’re excited, they’re likely to also be feeling some mixed emotions about the event.

Not to mention that kids can make every task related to the moving process take longer and become more complicated. And you have to worry about moving their stuff in addition to your own!       

You can make it through moving with children with your sanity mostly intact, though. Here are five great tips to help you do it:


1.Make room for emotions.

One thing that may surprise you is how your kids feel about the moving process. Sure, you could be moving into a larger home with great features. But they’re likely attached to the familiarity of your current home – even more than you are.

So be sure that you make room for these feelings during the moving process. Talk about the move often, and let your kids know they can ask you any questions they might have. Then, in the middle of this busy time, be sure you take time and space for them to tell you how they feel and to ask those questions.

As you’re talking about the move, be sure to talk over specifics of the move – including what moving day will look like and where you’re going to be moving to. Knowing the details can help kids feel like they have more of a grasp on the situation, so they feel less lost and helpless about it.

As you’re talking over the moving process, be sure to give kids a sense of timing. A countdown calendar or paper chain can help them understand where you are in the moving process. Don’t let moving day sneak up on them suddenly! A countdown might even turn dread to excitement as moving day gets closer.

2. Look at the new neighborhood.

If at all possible, take the kids on a tour of their new home before moving day. If this isn’t possible, consider making the kids print offs of the home’s layout. Bigger kids can get a kick out of “arranging” their furniture in their bedrooms, “painting” the walls, or otherwise decorating the new home.

Even if you can’t get into your home before moving day, you’ll definitely want to take time to tour the new neighborhood. Drive or walk around your new neighborhood to find your new favorite spots – the local pool, community park, or corner ice cream shop are all great places to begin.

What if you’re moving long-distance and can’t just drive over to your new neighborhood for an afternoon? Put together a virtual tour for your kids. Look up restaurant and park reviews online. Use Google Maps’s street view feature to see what these places look like, just so kids can get a glimpse of the new neighborhood.

3. Let them help.

Allowing kids to help – even when that help isn’t ultimately that helpful – can help them gain a sense of control over the situation. And if nothing else, kids probably feel out of control during a move. Kids can help with any number of moving-related tasks. For instance, younger kids can help pack non-breakable items like books into boxes. Kids can also pack linens, clothing, and stuffed animals.

You should also consider allowing kids to label their own boxes. One of the scariest parts of the moving process is that special toys or favorite shirts will get lost in the move. You can allay this fear somewhat by allowing kids to use markers, stickers, or crayons to label their own boxes. Kids can draw, make lists, put stickers on, and write their name on boxes to ensure that everyone knows which boxes include their stuff.

4. Hire help where needed.

Realistically, moving can take a lot longer when you have kids. And there’s probably more stuff to move than the last time you moved before you had children! So now is as good a time as any to hire help. You might consider hiring the best Fountain Valley moving company for a full-service move, which can really save you time and headaches.

Whether you go that route or not, you may want to hire help with some smaller tasks. For instance, hire a sitter to keep the kids busy on moving day, which can ensure that they don’t get in the way while the movers work. You may even hire a cleaning service to clean out your home or apartment after you leave. Taking this task off your plate ensures you can spend your first evening and day in your new home settling in with your kids, rather than cleaning your old home.

Bottom line: don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends or family members, or to hire out some of the tasks you just don’t have time or energy to tackle.

5. Throw a party.

Parties are a great way to gain closure during the moving process. If you’re moving far away from your old neighborhood or friends, consider a going away cookout where kids can get together and say goodbye to everyone.

Even if your move won’t take you far, though, a small family party can be helpful. Get takeout during one of your last evenings in your current home. Enjoy one another’s company, and spend time telling stories about memories from this home.

Throwing a party like this can help give kids a sense of closure during this big transition.