5 Reasons to Consider Coto de Caza Professional Packing for Your Move

coto-de-caza-movers-packersAs you prepare to move, one of the largest details of the process is always packing. Sure, you might think you’ve got plenty of time to do it. How hard can it be? But then you find yourself pulling an all-nighter the night before the big moving day because you haven’t finished the job.

It might be easier – and more sanity-saving – to just let the professionals do their job and pack for you. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive. But, all things considered, it may not be as expensive as you’d think.

With that in mind, here are five reasons you may want to consider hiring professionals to do your packing for you:

1. Packing is time-consuming

The reason that many people start packing months ahead of time or find themselves packing up to the wire is that it’s time-consuming. It’s often more time-consuming than you’d think, in fact.


So you have a few options here. You can start packing months ahead of time and let your home be littered with boxes in the meantime. Or you can pack at the last minute, taking time off work to get it done. Or you can just call in the professionals.

Surprisingly, professional packers can probably get your home packed up from top to bottom in less than two business days. Overall, this can save you a lot in opportunity costs. You could be watching TV or hanging out with your kids or working or doing any number of things rather than packing in the weeks leading up to your move. If you’ll just let the professionals get the job done efficiently and quickly.

2. Packing takes more than just boxes

You may think you can just round up a few boxes from local grocery stores and you’ll be good to go. But this is rarely how it works out. Most of the time, you’ll underestimate the number of boxes you need, and find yourself scrambling for more at the last minute.

And don’t forget about all the other materials that packing requires. You’ll need tape, a tape dispenser just for packing tape, plastic wrap, packing paper, and more. All those materials can really add up quickly, skyrocketing the costs of DIY packing more than you’d think.

You may want to get some quotes from Coto de Caza movers to see how much of the packing costs go to materials. If it’s a significant portion, you know that you’re really not paying that much, since you would have had to invest in the packing materials either way.

3. Packing requires experience

Any monkey can throw stuff in a box, shut the top, and call it packing. But the important part of packing is to do it right, so that things don’t get damaged or broken during transit. And “doing it right” can actually be quite complicated. You need to use the right box and packing materials for each job, and you need to use techniques that will cut down on the risk of broken items in transit.

If you don’t have at least some knowledge of these processes, you’ll likely find yourself with a bunch of broken stuff at the end of your move. Professionals, though, will know all the tips and tricks to ensure that each item is packed properly and arrives safely at its final destination.

4. Packing can mean more insurance coverage

Coto de Caza moving companies offer some level of insurance when you hire them to move your household goods. But you may get better insurance if you let the company in question take care of the packing process. Moving companies trust their professional packers to ensure that things are packed right, so they’re likely to take a financial risk in insuring your items to a higher degree.

One thing to consider, then, is having your moving company pack just the items that are most valuable. That way, those items could be better insured, even if the rest of your household goods were not. Do talk to your moving company about this, though, as the rules vary from one company to the next.

5. Packing may not cost as much as you think

If you’ve never gotten a quote for a full-service move, you might be surprised at the cost of packing. It can be surprisingly affordable. One reason for this is that professional packers are so efficient. They can do in hours what it would take you days to do!

Plus, many Coto de Caza moving companies offer customizable packages, so you can get your needs met while sticking to your budget. With customizable options like these, you may be able to have your more valuable, fragile, or difficult-to-pack items handled by the pros, while you take care of the rest to save some cash.