5 Reasons to Bring in the Pros – Costa Mesa Movers for Packing

costa-mesa-movers-packingOf all the annoying parts of moving, perhaps nothing is more annoying than doing the actual packing. You always need more boxes than you think you will. And you always find random objects in each room that seem to defy being put into a box properly.

And yet, many people don’t even consider hiring out the packing part of the move. They assume it’s a better idea to just hire a company to do the actual moving. And, yes, this is helpful. But at least consider the possibility of having Costa Mesa moving companies do the packing for you, as well.

In fact, a full package move might be less expensive than you’d think. You may spend less on packing, especially if you take into account the time you’ll have to give up from other things in order to get all that packing done.

If you’re moving soon, you may want to consider the following five reasons to hire out the packing of your home, just like you’re planning to hire out the moving:

1. Packing takes time

If you’re like many people, you’ll vastly underestimate the time needed to complete the packing process. If you’re a planner, you may start packing months ahead of time because of this possibility. But that just leaves your house strewn with boxes for a very long time. If you’re a procrastinator, you may find yourself pulling an all-nighter the night before the movers are due to take your things to your new home.


Either option isn’t that pleasant. But let’s face it, most of us don’t have time to spend whole entire days packing. Either you’re caring for kids or working or have other stuff going on. So that means that you either have to take time off from those other responsibilities to pack. Or you have to squeeze the packing process into the hurried corners of your life.

Pros from Costa Mesa moving companies, on the other hand, pack as their day job. And they do it really fast. In fact, it’ll usually take just one or two business days for packers to get your entire home packed and ready to roll.

2. Packing takes materials

The packing process takes more materials than you’d think. You’ll need boxes – some specialized ones, too – tape, a tape gun, plastic wrap, packing paper, and more. The professionals will have all this. And their experience will mean that they won’t find themselves 15 boxes short on the last room in your house.

If you have to go out and buy all these materials, it can be expensive anyway. So do some cost comparisons. How much would it cost for you to buy all the materials you need to pack your home, versus how much would it cost to hire someone else to bring the materials and pack? You might be surprised at what you find!

3. Packing takes knowledge

We’ve already mentioned that professional packers have plenty of experience. And this experience means that they know what materials they need, and can make short work of any packing job. But experience also means that packers know how best to pack everything in your home – from your dishes to your custom artwork.

If you don’t have at least some knowledge of the packing process, you’re likely to find yourself with a bunch of broken coffee mugs when you arrive in your new home. And even if you can safely pack the kitchen essentials and clothes, can you ensure that your favorite antiques arrive unscathed? Maybe not.

4. Packing may mean better insurance

Paying for the professionals to pack your items may mean that those items are better protected by insurance. While reputable moving companies will all insure your household goods while they’re in possession of the moving company, not all insurance is created equal.

Since Costa Mesa moving companies are more likely to trust their professional movers to do the packing properly, they’ll often offer better insurance coverage when you’ve hired their movers for the packing process. This isn’t always the case, but it’s definitely worth considering – especially when it comes to some of your more valuable household goods.

5. Packing may be more affordable than you think

If you’ve never actually asked for a quote from Costa Mesa movers on packing your household, you may be surprised. It’s probably not as expensive as you’d think. One reason is that it probably will take fewer man hours than you’d think. Where it might take you 20 man hours to pack your home, it could take the movers only 8!

Plus, many moving companies offer customizable packages. You might decide to pack up most of the house, but then have the moving company deal with your most fragile or valuable items. If you need custom crating – customized packing solutions for these items – this is a really good compromise.

The bottom line is that paying for packing can make your life easier. And until you ask Costa Mesa moving companies how much it’ll cost, you have no idea.