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5 Organized Moving Tips from Pinterest

buna park moving companies 02As you get ready for a big move, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. And no wonder! Even with the best Buena Park movers on your side, moving can be a lot of work. But staying organized is one way to kill the overwhelm and nail your moving process. Not sure how to stay organized during a move? Here are our five favorite ideas from Pinterest:

1.Inventory your boxes

You’ll definitely want to know what’s in each box as you pack it – or have the movers pack it. There are a couple of different ways to make this happen. One option is to label each box with what’s inside of it as you pack. Another option is to keep an inventory list. This is nice because it allows for easier re-use of the boxes, and doesn’t advertise to the world if there’s something valuable inside a box.


To do an inventory list, just assign each box a number. Write the number of at least three of the box’s sides, so that you can easily tell which box it is during the move. Make a list, and write down each box’s number with what’s inside the box. You can easily reference the list to find particular items when unpacking.

2. Assign priorities to boxes

Rather than just assigning each box a number, assign it a priority level – one, two, or three. This helps with the unpacking process. You’ll know that items that you use every day are in number one boxes, while the number three boxes can be unpacked once everything else is settled.

Triaging your unpacking process like this can make it feel less overwhelming. You can just start unpacking the most important things, and then worry about placing all the less important knickknacks later on, once most of your unpacking is complete.

3. Color-coded boxes and rooms

Now we’re going to suggest that you add one more thing to your boxes. Yes, this is a lot, but it’ll make moving and unpacking much simpler!

Rather than just labeling each box with the room it’ll go into, you should take time to color code the boxes and rooms in your new home. For instance, the master suite can be yellow, and the living room red, and the kids’ rooms blue and purple. Slap a sticker or piece of duct tape on each box, according to its room. Then, label the doorway of the rooms on moving day with the same stickers or tape. This makes it easier for the best Buena Park movers to take boxes to the rooms they’ll eventually wind up in.

4. Separate essential items

You’ve already triaged your boxes for unpacking. But you may want to go one step further and set aside just one or two boxes full of items that you’re likely to need within 24 hours of moving into your new home. Think about things you’ll need right away – toilet paper, coffee maker, toaster, tools for putting together furniture, etc.

The best option for packing these items is in an obvious location. For instance, put them in a clear plastic tote, which will let you see where those items are and get to them easily.

5. Make a photo inventory

You already know what’s in each box as you or your Buena Park movers pack the boxes. But you may want to take inventorying a step further, too. Take time to snap photos of your most valuable or important items – documents, furniture, electronics, etc. Be sure to get details like serial numbers for items that have those.

Store these photos in a special folder on DropBox or another cloud-based storage site. Then, if you need to make an insurance claim during or just after the move, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.