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5 Great Pinterest Tips for an Organized Move

balboa moving companies 02When it comes to moving, organization is key. Being organized can save you loads of time and hassle, especially when it comes time to unpack from your big move. Even if organization isn’t your thing, Pinterest has some great tips and tricks that can make the process easier. If you’re working with the best Balboa movers, they can do lots of the work for you. But you’ll still need to take steps to stay organized – both now and when you’re in your new home.

1.Inventory the boxes

Rather than writing on each box individually what’s inside, make an inventory list. This can actually be helpful for a couple of reasons. For one, it lets you easily “disguise” valuable items in regular boxes, rather than advertising to the world which box contains your jewelry collection. Also, an inventory sheet makes it easy to go into detail about what’s in each box, so you can easily find specific items after your move.


To make an inventory list, simply label each box with a number as you or the movers pack it. Write the number down on your sheet – in order, of course – and then write down what’s in each numbered box. You can make it even easier to find stuff in your new home by writing the box’s number on three or four sides of the box, so it’s easy to see from different angles.

2. Use a triage system

There’s a reason emergency rooms triage patients – it helps streamline and prioritize services. You can avoid overwhelm and streamline your unpacking with a similar system. Simply label each box with either a number or a color to denote the importance of its contents. Everyday-use items should be labeled high-priority, to be unpacked first. Tchotchkes and other little-used items can be dealt with later.

3. Use a color-coding system

You can use color coding for your triage system, but it’s also helpful for telling the movers where boxes need to go. You’ll get the most bang for your buck with your Balboa movers if you have them take boxes to the rooms where they’ll ultimately be unpacked. But color-coding is easier than writing “bedroom #1,” “living room,” “bathroom #2,” etc. on boxes. This is especially true if you’re moving to a large home with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

Instead, assign a color to each room. Slap a colored label, sticker, or piece of duct tape on each box that goes into that room. On moving day, put a matching label or piece of tape on the door frame of the room. Movers don’t have to know which room is which. They just have to match up the colors.

4. Use clear bins

It’s a great idea to have your highest-priority items in clear plastic bins, even if you’re using a triage system. Clear bins are easy to find in an ocean of cardboard boxes, and it’s easy to see exactly what’s inside.

Some good candidates for what to put into these bins? Toilet paper, paper towel, essential hand tools, kitchen essentials, and towels for your first shower in your new home are all good options. Whatever you might need within the first 24 hours in your new home, it’s best to put it in one of these bins.

5. Take a photo inventory

You don’t need to photograph absolutely every piece of furniture, etc. But it’s a good idea to take “before” photos of your more valuable pieces. The best Balboa moving company will take complete care of all of your items – especially those valuable custom crated items. But you’ll have more peace of mind in the event that you have to make an insurance claim if you’ve got a photo inventory.

It’s also a good idea to make an inventory of serial numbers and other identifying information for jewelry and electronics. That way if something comes up missing, you’ll have what you need to make a proper report. All you need to do is snap digital pictures with your phone, and then upload them to a cloud-based storage site, where you’ll have easy access to the photos at any time.