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10 Laguna Hills Movers Moving Tips

laguna hills moving companies 02Ten Crazy Moving Tips to Try

The packing part of moving is probably the worst. Unless you hire the best Laguna Hills moving company to do your packing for you, you’ll likely feel a little stressed about this part of the move. It’s a lot of work to do, after all!

But with these ten crazy moving tips, you might have an easier time:

  1. 1.Host a garage sale

You probably think you don’t have time for a garage sale right before you move. But this can actually save you loads of time. When you’re first packing, just start setting aside items that you no longer want or need. Then, sell them off. You can make a bit of extra cash, and you’ll have less stuff to pack. This can even save you money on moving services, since movers charge according to how much stuff you have to move.


2. Make your own instructions

No longer have instructions for the TV stand or table that you’ll need to take apart for the move? Take photos as you’re taking it apart. In reverse order, the photos will be a helpful tutorial for how to put the furniture back together. Photos can also be helpful for things like china cabinets, where it can be hard to remember exactly how you fit all your good china into the cabinet to start with.

3. Use fitted sheets to protect the mattress

You already use fitted sheets to protect your mattress, of course, but it’s even more essential when you’re moving. Take two fitted sheets per mattress – one on the front and one on the back of the mattress. Don’t want to ruin your perfectly good fitted sheets? Pick up a few at your local thrift store for just a few bucks!

4. Pack books into suitcases

Books can be difficult to pack and move. They can bust the bottoms out of even heavy-duty boxes, and they’re hard to carry. But if you pack books into rolling suitcases, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. You’ll have to move your suitcases anyway, and the books will be easier to move!

5. Use all your drawer space

It seems like you’d want to take everything out of drawers when you’re moving, but this isn’t the case. You’ll find that you make much better use of your space if you keep things inside of the drawers. Just shrink wrap the drawers shut, and you’re good to go. You can also look at other small spaces – such as the inside of your crock pot – as a spot to pack small items, like bottles of spices.

6. Pack stemware in socks

You already need to move your socks, so you might as well make use of them in the process. Socks are great for packing stemware and glasses. Just slide them into the sock, tuck the extra down inside the glass, and you’re good to go. You can also use socks to pack other small, breakable items.

7. Give your boxes handles

To make boxes easier to hold during the move, give them handles. Just cut small handles into the sides of some of your boxes with a box cutter. You’ll need to be careful not to do this with overly heavy boxes, though, since the cuts will compromise the integrity of the box.

8. Pack some items in bags

Clear, zippered comforter bags are a great spot for packing off-season fabrics – holiday decorations, skiing gear, etc. They save some space, since the bags can slide into odd spaces in the moving truck, and under a bed at your new home. And it’s easy to see what’s inside of them, since they’re typically at least partially clear. You can pick them up for a few bucks at a dollar or discount store.

9. Pack jewelry with tubes

Keeping jewelry untangled when it’s packed can be difficult. The best option is to thread necklaces and bracelets through tubes, fasten it, and move it that way. For instance, you might use an empty paper towel tube to pack longer necklaces, and an empty toilet paper tube for shorter ones.

10. Use specialized tape

Today, you can find all sorts of helpful moving related items online. One is packing tape labeled with the names of rooms. Each roll has a different room printed on the tape. So you can pick up a roll for each room in your new home, and label boxes as you tape them shut.

Hopefully, these tips will help make the packing and moving process easier for you. And if you need more where that came from, ask your helpful Laguna Hills moving company.