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10 Easy Tips for Moving Day

fountain valley moving company tips 01Fountain Valley Moving Company Tips

Even when you work with the best Fountain Valley moving company, you’ll have some stuff to do on your moving day. You’ll get out of the heavy lifting when you work with movers, and you may not even have to pack. But you’ll still need to be around for the move,

  1. Alert the neighbors. This is especially important if your driveway won’t accommodate the moving van and any other vehicles that will be around on moving day. But it’s courteous to let your nearest neighbors know there will be lots of activity at your home on moving day.
  • Get out some cash. Before moving day, it’s a good idea to try to have some cash on hand. You may want to tip your movers, and you might end up sending someone after drinks or snacks during the process.
  • Have a meal plan. One thing that can really kill you on moving day is having to find last-minute meals for your family and any volunteers who come to help you. Plan ahead, and pack a cooler full of drinks and snacks for everyone. It’s nice to have bottled water nearby, especially, since moving is hard work.
  • Check the Bill of Lading. Before the movers get started, be sure to double check the Bill of Lading. This is basically the contract that you made with the moving company. It’ll tell you exactly which services the movers are planning to provide, and will tell you how much you’ll owe. You’ll likely need to pay the driver before the movers unpack your household goods. So be sure you know these details, and that they’re correct, before the move gets started.
  • Have an inventory list. Most of the time, the best Pasadena movers will take their own inventory. But you’ll also want to keep track of your stuff. Make a checklist of items as they go on the moving van, and check them off as they come off – and you inspect them for any damage – at your new home.
  • Take time to label everything. If you haven’t already, just before moving day is a good time to make sure all your boxes and furnishings are labeled. Don’t just label the boxes with what’s inside them, though. Also, take time to label them with the room they’ll go into in your new home. You’re already paying the best Pasadena movers for their muscle, so why not have them move all the heavy stuff to the room it will ultimately occupy?
  • Get a pet sitter and a babysitter. Kids and pets can be particularly problematic on moving day. They’re confused, and they can easily get in the way of the movers and volunteers. It’s best to crate or board your pets for the day, and to find a sitter for the kids. If nothing else, have a local teenager occupy your kids in an empty room of the house. (Leave behind a few toys, of course!)
  • Be prepared for cleaning. One thing you’ll need to plan for is cleaning the home or apartment after you move out. The level of cleaning you need to do will depend on your circumstances. But you probably at least want to clean off surfaces and run the vacuum. Leave behind the essential tools you’ll need for these tasks, so they don’t get packed accidentally.
  • Pack a separate suitcase. It’s always a good idea to pack a suitcase of personal care items and clothing for each family member, just in case you don’t feel like digging through boxes to find your pajamas that night. You’ll also want to pack personal items, jewelry, valuables, cash, and important documents separately – to go in your personal vehicle – for peace of mind.

Make a list of what to leave. Of course, the main goal of moving is to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. But certain things need to be left somewhere obvious for the next homeowners. This includes keys, garage door openers, and even manuals and warranty certificates for any appliances staying with the house. Make a list of this stuff ahead of time, and check to be sure you’ve left everything you need to leave before you lock up.